Sergio Ramos se marcha del Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos leaves Real Madrid

It is official. Real Madrid have announced that Sergio Ramos will not continue at the 'White Club' next season. Check out his farewell statement. Sergio Ramos will not extend his contract with Real Madrid. Either the club and the...
La Selección española, una incógnita para la Eurocopa

Spain, candidates for revelation

Nobody believes in Spain for this EURO. At least no one realistic. I am the first one who does not think that they have a capable team enough to make it far and also the first to cheer them...
Nikola Jokic MVP NBA

The NBA is changing

As it was expected, these Playoffs series are giving us some surprises. The revelation of the Atlanta Hawks, the knock out by LeBron´s Lakers... But, overall, this season is showing us the new trends from the best basketball league...
Turquía y Escocia Eurocopa

Hunger for the EURO

The sixteenth EURO edition is about to kick off and the logical choice is to talk about the main candidates for the title: France, England, Belgium and Germany; or "the quiet ones", like Italy, Holland and Portugal. However, and...
Selección de Portugal, la candidata silenciosa

Portugal, the quiet candidates

The EURO 2020 is almost here and France and England are the favorite teams to win both in the media and among the fans. Germany and Belgium are also taken into account, but I believe that Portugal is going...
Zidane carga contra Florentino en su carta de despedida

Florentino´s ‘modus operandi’

Real Madrid have always been a successful club that needs balance inside to manage so much talent and control egos and roles in a place where winning is a requirement and the demand for that is huge. Their President,...
Los aficionados vuelven a llenar los pabellones de la NBA

Fans are back for the Playoffs, are we ready for it?

The fans have packed the arenas again to enjoy the best basketball in the world: the NBA Playoffs. However, their return has also showed us episodes that do not correspond to the sportsmanship values. Some spectators have been disrespectful...
Premier League POTS

Premier League POTS nominees

Premier League have opened the process to vote for the POTS (Player of the Season) Awards. Kevin de Bruyne was the winner last year and now is the main candidate again. However, the competition for this edition is tough....
Última Hora Mercado de Fichajes 2020-2021. ELXIIDEAL

Transfer market 2021/2022

Follow the latest from the transfer market at ELXIIDEAL. Every trade updated minute by minute. 06/17/2021: Fikayo Tomori stays at Milan: AC Milan have announced that they will keep Fikayo Tomori after paying 28.5 M€ for his purchase option. The 23...
Villarreal y Chelsea se enfrentarán en la Supercopa de Europa

Second chance

Football is a second chance game. The sport that gives you back what it took away from you, even though it might take a long time for that to happen, but it all ends up in its right place....