Mercado de fichajes de invierno 2022-2023 en directo

Winter transfer market 2022-2023 live

Follow the latest from the winter transfer market 2022-2023 live with updated information every minute on the most important signs from the European elite. 01/31/2023: Deadline Day: Chelsea keep pushing for Enzo Fernández; Atlético secure Matt Doherty; Amrabat gets away...
Novak Djokovic, campeón del Open de Australia

Novak Djokovic, king X of Australia

The first Grand Slam of the year is now over with the return of Novak Djokovic to the Australian throne, as he got his 10th victory in this tournament through a final that was scripted in three chapters. The first...
Borja Aranda: "Si no fuese por Simeone, no sé dónde estaría el Atlético a día de hoy"

Borja Aranda: “I do not know where Atlético would be today if it was...

Borja Aranda, collaborator for Radio Marca and Mister Underdog, visits our Twitch channel to talk about the new formats in sports journalism and the present of LaLiga. Is sports journalism something you always wanted to dedicate yourself to, or did...
Australia ya conoce a sus cuatro semifinalistas

Australia already know their four semifinalists

We already know the semifinal bracket of the first Grand Slam of the year. The first match will face off Tsitsipas, who is the only player that also made it to this stage of the tournament in Australia back...
LeBron James contra la historia

LeBron James against history

LeBron James keeps impressing us every day after 20 seasons in the league, not only for his playing level, but also for his capacity to maintain it for so long. Since he turned 38 last December 30th, he averages...
Incidencia o negligencia

Incident or negligence

To try to set a precedent in football nowadays is a very difficult goal to accomplish. En more when the rules remain stipulated and the tools to that to try to break down some of them are not strong...
Las primeras rondas de Melbourne dejan estragos en la expedición española

The first rounds of Melbourne harm the Spanish expedition

Australia has been the first stop of the Grand Slam tournaments for the new year. The first rounds in Melbourne have already been completed leaving the first knockouts, where we find the biggest surprise on the fall of Italian...
João Félix, historia de una decepción

João Félix, story of a disappointment

João Félix, 'o menino de ouro', has been too expensive for Atlético de Madrid, as he has been their biggest investment in history. 127 million euros and three and a half seasons full of ups and downs marked by...
El Arsenal busca mantener el ritmo competitivo tras el Mundial

Arsenal look to maintain the competitive pulse after the World Cup

Mikel Arteta's Arsenal are one of the revelations from this year in the Premier League. They are currently leading the table with a five-points difference towards the second team, Manchester City. The Spanish coached arrived in December 2019 to...
Ledesma, el guardián de Cádiz

Conan Ledesma, Cádiz’s guardian

The goal: three metal posts and a position that brings along a huge responsibility in football since its beginning. To win in this sport is always sums up with as simple as complex quote: "to dominate the boxes". This...