Ibrahimović: adiós a un futbolista y personaje único

Ibrahimović: farewell to a unique footballer and character

For football fans, it is always hard to see one of their idols retire. Their plays, achievements and everything related to the sport remains in their memories. But beyond that, there is a select group of players who, aside...
Gabri Veiga, el adiós de un héroe

Gabri Veiga, the farewell to a hero

Sunday night, I read a take by Anxo Salcedo, manager of the best YouTube channel on Galician football, Fica coa Bola, that seemed like the most accurate description of the exact moment in which Celta de Vigo avoided relegation...
José Luis Mendilibar, el triunfo de un obrero del fútbol

José Luis Mendilibar, the triumph of a football worker

José Luis Mendilibar. A simple guy, kind of 'Old School Style' in football, who always wears a tracksuit. A coach with cristal clear ideas who does not need to show off in order to accomplish his job without even...
Ajax, la mejor factoría de talento de Europa

Ajax, the best talent factory in Europe

Ajax managed to earn the spotlights in European football after their outstanding season in the 2018/2019 campaign. That year, the knocked out Real Madrid through an exhibition at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and the Juventus led by Cristiano Ronaldo,...
Las Finales de la NBA ya están aquí

The NBA Finals are here

The most important moment of the season has arrived. The NBA Finals are here. After a great season full of historic moments, there are only two teams left. On one side, we have the Denver Nuggets led by two-time...
Kimmich es una opción real

Kimmich, a real option for Barça

It looks like a situation sent from the sky: FC Barcelona lose their best midfielder of all times, Sergio Busquets, and Joshua Kimmich, one of the best players in the world on that position, offers himself to be signed....
Las notas a la temporada del Real Madrid

The grades for Real Madrid’s season

Real Madrid have put an end to the 2022/2023 campaign. In this article, we present our grades for Real Madrid's season in a year with few lights and many shadows. Carlo Ancelotti's squad has lifted three titles (Spanish Cup, Spanish...
Carmelo Anthony, quizás en otra vida

Carmelo Anthony, perhaps in another life

With all eyes on the outcome of the conference finals and an unexpected retirement threat coming from LeBron James, one of the most important players of the century, Carmelo Anthony, silently hangs his sneakers. The New Yorker leaves the...
Así está el descenso de LaLiga Santander en las últimas jornadas de la temporada

To avoid the fall to the hells

We are once again at the same place. Another year where the last fixtures are the biggest enemies for the humble teams and where a simple mistake sends you to the most complicated hell to scape from: the Second...
LeBron James y el inevitable paso del tiempo

LeBron james and the inevitable passage of time

"There is always time to go, even if there is not place to go", said once Tennessee Williams (1911-1983) on the inevitability of the passage of time. This quote is linked to one of the biggest truths in life:...