España ilusiona en su debut en el Mundial

Spain, are we starting to get excited?

Spain have started the Qatar World Cup with their win against Costa Rica by 7-0. Beyond the victory, the initial approach and the development during the game was outstanding, as they left some hints of what Spain can be...
¿Sería un fracaso para Argentina no ganar el Mundial?

Would it be a failure for Argentina to not win the World Cup?

Argentina are one of the main candidates to battle for the World Cup, but… Would it be a failure for them to not lift the trophy? If we actually analize Argentina's call-up name by name, there are not more than...
La magia de un Mundial

The magic of a World Cup

The day has come. A new World Cup is underway, the most awaited football appointment and the crowdest event in the planet. The constellation of stars, promises, certainties and surprises. The battle for the biggest title that any player...
Todo lo que prohíbe Qatar para el Mundial

Everything that Qatar forbid for the World Cup

All the fans planning to travel to Qatar in order to cheer up for their national team must be aware of everything that is forbidden if they want to avoid paying fines or even going to jail for between...
Los Boston Celtics no bajan el ritmo

Boston Celtics do not slow down

Boston Celtics currently have the best record in the table with 11 wins and 3 losses. The are on a seven-games winning streak and Jayson Tatum is at his best level. To bounce back from losing the NBA Finals can be complicated....
Por poner las cosas en contexto

Putting things in context

Jus a few days before the Qatar World Cup kicks off, Spanish National Team Head Coach Luis Enrique, "the best coach in the planet", has already released his incomprehensible 26 players call-up list to represent Spain in the most...
La realidad del Villarreal CF

The reality of Villarreal CF

The new head coach for Villarreal CF Quique Setién is very far away from a dreamed start on his new position. His arrival couldn't have been more unfortunate, as the recent outcomes are showing. After the unexpected signing of Unai...
El Gran Derbi de Sevilla

An unpublished ‘Gran Derbi’

The day has finally come. Real Betis and Sevilla FC face each other off in one of the most intense derbies of Spain: 'El Gran Derbi'. An unpublished 'Gran Derbi' up to this point based on the current momentum...
Gerard Piqué, genio incomprendido

Gerard Piqué, misunderstood genius

Gerard Piqué announced his retirement from football last Thursday. He steps out as one of the best central defenders in the history of football and probably the best one in the history of FC Barcelona. The 35 years old...
Ja Morant, imparable en el inicio de la temporada

Ja Morant, unstoppable at the start of the season

The NBA new season is already underway and show some names also start to stand out. It has certainly become unusual to not wake up with a highlights video of Ja Morant from the night before with his best...