Kylian Mbappé se queda en el PSG

History can’t be bought

The soap opera of the last five years is now officially over. The countless debates, clocks, exclusives and animated circus on Kylian Mbappé are over too. The eternal decision that has kept in suspense all those who know nothing...
La autocrítica llama a Sevilla

Self-criticism calls for Sevilla

Sevilla certified their qualifying to the Champions League for the third consecutive year. An accomplishment for them. It is not easy at all to pull that off in a competition where regularity marks your destiny. The Spanish championship counts...
Luka Doncic, destinado a la grandeza

Luka Doncic, destined for greatness

Dallas Mavericks have defeated the Phoenix Suns, the best team of the league, in the Conference Semifinals. The main responsible for it is Luka Doncic, a player that is destined for greatness. Will he be able to win the...
LaLiga todo en juego

All in play

As every year by these dates, this evening will take place the penultimate fixture of LaLiga with all the games taking place at the same time and with several teams battling for their goals and immediate future. There are 180...
El golpe en la mesa de Moisés Caicedo

The knock on the table of Moisés Caicedo

Moisés Caicedo is having an outstanding end of the season with Brighton. The Ecuadorian returned in January from his loan at K Beerschot VA and only played half an hour with the first team in the FA Cup until...
Serie impredecible entre Warriors y Grizzlies

Unpredictable series between Warriors and Grizzlies

Ja Morant was right when at the end of Game 2 versus the Golden State Warriors and after putting the 1-1 draw in the series, had this to say to Curry: "You and I are going to have fun"....
Nikola Jokic, MVP de la NBA por segunda vez consecutiva

Who deserved the MVP?

Nikola Jokic has been awarded as the MVP of the season for the second consecutive time, which is a very difficult feat to achieve for most players. However, the prize has come along with some controversy, as there are...
Dilema (de) Bordalás

Dilemma (of) Bordalás

Another year, and just as it has been usual in the last few seasons, Valencia are going to finish the season mid-table and with no goals achieved or to battle for. They do not aim to earn the financial life...
El Atlético de Madrid no hará pasillo al Real Madrid como campeón de liga

The (not) importance of the guard of honor

It is unusual that a football game that an extra sports fact matters more than whatever happens during the 90 minutes. Even more if we take into account the dimensions of the match and its transcendence for one of...
Bernardo Silva, la estrella silenciosa

Bernardo Silva, the quiet star

The elimination of Manchester City against Real Madrid has brought new doubts to the project of the club. Several players have been questioned, but there is an important exception. Bernardo Silva has shined not only in the Champions League,...