Football tends to alternate nice episodes with others difficult and unfair, specially at the coaching area. This is exactly what Manuel Pellegrini has experienced throughout his career. At his short time at Real Madrid, and despite battling for the title against one of the best teams in history (Guardiola’s FC Barcelona), they did not value his job and they let two awful scores to fire him.

However, anyone with a little bit of knowledge knew that his coaching career wouldn’t get stuck. He has always left a good taste in everywhere he has worked at except for West Ham. Yes indeed, his trajectory and management have not been recognized properly.

Pellegrini is one of the most humble coaches and alien to the media spotlights that can be seen in the European elite. This aspect might be one of the main reasons why his job usually goes unnoticed. However, The Engineer has an incredible talent that is not only reflected on his team’s performing, but also on his ability to keep the entire squad focused and with the same commitment.

Now Pellegrini has managed to gather all his coaching abilities at Betis and they are benefiting from that at the Benito Villamarín Stadium. The season from the ‘Verdiblancos’ is just brilliant from every perspective: they have established themselves in European spots and are likely to end up in the Champions League; furthermore, they are at the Europa League round of 16 and have a great opportunity to lift a trophy in the Spanish Cup. It seems like the Chilean coach has been able to maintain the competitive pace in three competitions at the same time, which is something historically complicated at Heliópolis.

We must remind you that this is his second season at the club and that he sealed the qualification to the Europa League on his first year. Pellegrini showed hints of how the level of his team could potentially increase.

But, beyond the outcomes from one of the best coaches in the history of Betis on the numbers, the key from Pellegrini’s plan is based on his management of the locker room. The current roster has a very high level, full of quality. No doubt that this fact decreases the demand of the tight schedule, but at the same time increases the internal competition.

That is where the excellent job from The Engineer comes up. He has implemented a distribution of minutes within the few rotation that allows him to basically count on 15 players that opt to start every fixture. But this is not just it. It is incredible how he has recovered some players like William Carvalho or Édgar. They have gone from creating doubts due to their irregularity to becoming key pieces.

And if all this is added to the doubtless talent from Canales, Fekir and Guido Rodríguez plus the scoring capacity from Juanmi, William José and Borja Iglesias, we get a spectacular team. The formula? Only a single person knows it. The axis of everything: Manuel Pellegrini.

The Engineer has a plan and they believe in it at Heliópolis.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @RealBetis.

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