The current sporting situation for Sevilla is worrying, but it was not very difficult to predict it for anyone who would have his eyes opened. After three very high level seasons where they have lifted a European title and qualified for the Champions League for three consecutive times, the fall is now being long and painful. And we still have to see where the bottom of this mistreated team by his managers is.

The sack of Lopetegui, expected as Sevilla finished last season begging for a Champions League spot that time has proved to be wasted, and also leaked with the coach still in charge, is just a patch along the way that will more than likely not solve at all the deep crisis that the club is going through. Mostly because the main problem is not in the bench at all, but instead on the field, and that is something very evident.

Historically, Sevilla, with Monchi as their sporting director, have been known as a great and admired club at the signing area, based on buying good, cheap, and specially unknown players to then sell them four times their price after becoming them elite projects.

A pattern of international prestige that has lifted the club all the way up to not only installing themselves in the Spanish podium, but even also battling for LaLiga title a couple seasons ago.

However, and despite the exhaustion symptoms that both the squad and the coaching staff showed since the second part of last season that, as we already posted here, invited for the self-criticism and to step up on making decisions, the board of directos did not pay attention to the warning signs that indicated that a deep rebuild would be required for summer in all the areas. Obviously that did not happen at all. And we should also ask ourselves if they did not realize about the situation that was about to arise, or they just did not want to.

Now, the reality is clear: in just a matter of months, Sevilla have gone from establishing themselves in European spots to battle to avoid relegation. Also in just a matter of months, Sevilla have gone from winning consistently to not even competing. And this is something that can’t be accepted.

We must remind you that, in the last transfer market, Sevilla sold their two best players, Diego Carlos and Koundé, for more than 100 million euros, which were both key in qualifying for the last Champions League edition, and did not even bring immediate guaranteed replacements for such an important positions such the central defenders are, which has left Sevilla unprotected in their own box (they were already orphan in the offensive one).

On the other hand, among the new additions, Isco, who signed for free, has been the most outstanding one, but he still needs plenty of time to feel like a professional footballer again. As a result, Sevilla are unable to dominate any of the two boxes, which results in (almost) guaranteed defeats. An absolute negligent and irresponsible management.

The roster of Sevilla has multiple lacks in every area and that can’t be fixed by just sacking the coach and bringing a new one. In fact, since the start of the new season and all the way to Lopetegui’s exit, we have not even heard the fans at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium complaining about the coach. The crowd has proved to have memory towards the person that has kept them on top for three seasons in a row, and so they perfectly know that he is the less one to blame for this current chaos.

It seems like that they have untiringly work within the club to destroy in a record time everything that the have accomplished in the recent years, and people have certainly blamed president Pepe Castro, but Monchi, who has been idolized for everything he has given to this club, has also a big responsibility for the decomposition of Sevilla, as he is the sporting director. But in the end, he is mostly being left out from all the critics.

What it is for sure is that now the club must change their roadmap and adapt their goals to the uncertainty of their roster. The reality is that, best case scenario, Sevilla will avoid relegation without too much suffering, as of now they are a clear candidate to go down. That is it. Europe can’t even be contemplated. This is the tough reality and the new roadmap for Sevilla.

Main image: @SevillaFC.

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