Each season is mostly focused on our four main representatives in the Champions League. However, there are other multiple teams that, even though they have been unable to take the big jump in order to join the ‘Big Four’, they also do a magnificent job and have experienced an outstanding growth in the last few seasons that certainly brings also some extra excitement for a more competitive league. In fact, a specific entity tends to be underrated even at this “second step”: Real Sociedad.

It is true that Villarreal coached by Emery and ‘The Engineer’s plan’ by Pellegrini at Betis have possibly gotten most of the spotlights at Spanish football, except for Real Madrid, at San Sebastián they stay in the right track and at a good pace. The team run by Imanol Alguacil has achieved their short-term goal: to keep qualifying for European competitions.

However, it would not surprise at all if they decided to set even bigger goals towards the next season. After three consecutive seasons in the Europa League, Real Sociedad have always shown nonconformity and demand. Their outstanding job goes from the first team all the way to the academy. We can see the example both in Imanol himself and the last talented young players that have arisen from the txuri-urdin academy.

All of this must be added to the financial revolution of this transfer market. A firm bet that presages a nice battle to return to the Champions League. In fact, this is not about an average investment. Ali Cho, Brais, Kubo and the academy player Álex Sola, apart from the individual technical feature of each one, are all known for their talent and projection.

Furthermore, if something characterizes the working system by Real Sociedad, that is their ease of conversion. From the sporting area, to the approval by the coach, they all know the needs of the roster and how to replace the absences the right way.

Key pieces from last season like Januzaj, Portu or Zaldua have left, but anyway they stay calm in their management, specially coach Imanol Alguacil. He is certainly knows how to show his style the right way to the new additions after managing to fit Adnan into a system and playing style that were opposite to him.

No doubt that Real Sociedad have one of the most established projects in the country. Far away from Athletic’s philosophy and despite their investment, they are not a club that spend a lot each season, but rather the opposite. In fact, they are used to always keep a positive balance.

Until now, Illaramendi (17M €) and Isak (15M €) have been their most expensive signings, followed by Brais (14M €). All in all, Real Sociedad do not need big names in order to compensate the players that leave without harming their performing.

At San Sebastián they bet on the effective and quality work. This year they have a huge and at the same time nice challenge ahead of them.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @RealSociedad.

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