The information of the French league.

Edon Zhegrova: el trilero del parque

Edon Zhegrova: a shell-game artist on the park

How many times have we seen a scene in which a shell-game artist tries to scam the public with the old trick of the ball and the cups? In the back of our minds, we all know that we are...
Zaïre-Emery es humillantemente superior

Zaïre-Emery is humiliatingly superior

Nowadays, teens are often excesively critisized. How many times have we heard adults complaining about the immaturity of today's adolescents? "At their age, I had to work", "they are still children" and "when I was your age, I walked...
Mbappé, decídete

Mbappé, make a choice

It looks like the longest soap opera in the history of transfers has less than a week left. Although everything points towards Kylian Mbappé staying in Paris after his return to competitive activities with the club, nobody is brave...
El rompecabezas de Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique’s puzzle

Paris Saint-Germain started an exciting season with the signing of one of the best managers in the world. Luis Enrique arrived at the city of love with an optimistic approach. He guaranteed that his pupils would "have fun", as...
Luis Enrique, liderazgo y carisma para el PSG

Luis Enrique, leadership and charisma for PSG

Luis Enrique will be the next coach of PSG. Following his departure from the Spanish national team after the World Cup in Qatar, the Asturian will sign for two seasons with the Parisian club. Luis Enrique is the ideal coach...
Will Still, la tiranía de la juventud en Europa

Will Still and the youth’s tyranny

Many of us have met the story of Will Still thanks to specialized journalist in French football Andrés Onrubia, and so since then we all wait for his weekly tweet reporting that his streak is still alive. Will Still is...
Messi y Neymar jugarán juntos en el PSG

Let’s enjoy Messi and Neymar

The sign of Messi for PSG has been on the news worldwide. The media and social network are all debating about economics, club state and even morality. However, the accusations that today are thrown to PSG could also be...

Excitement in the Ligue 1

Paris Saint-Germain, the usual king in France, have not taken off yet after 15 fixtures. The equality in the Ligue 1 is huge among the teams on top of the table and, added to the irregularity from the current...
Tres equipos a seguir en la Ligue 1

Three teams to follow in the Ligue 1

A new season is about to start in the Ligue 1. The last one was cancelled due to COVID-19, and this evening (19:00) Girondins de Bordeaux – Nantes will be the opener of the 2020-2021 season. All eyes are...


Granada and Valencia fail to break through

9th versus 10th, same points, four away from Europe, same situation, but two very different contexts: on the home side the dream of team...

The fight is not negotiated

Hay vida después de Weir

There is life after Weir