Barça have just ended a tragic week where they have almost been knocked out from the Champions League in the group stage for the second consecutive year and they have also fallen to Real Madrid at El Clasico. It is true that this sport belongs to the players, but the most blamed person in this case has been coach Xavi Hernández, who has the worst winning percentage at Barça in the last 20 years after these two defeats in a row.

It is true that Barça have just gone through a huge crisis and that the new program needs time, apart from the fact that everything is way more difficult without Messi. However, the fans do not have patience at all and they want to win right away, even though they now that it is too complicated.

Part of the fault also comes from the board of directors, as they risked it all to this season and for now they are losing it. President Laporta wanted trophies now, in this campaign, but maybe Barça is just not ready yet to lift them.

Against Inter Milan we saw a very nervous and anxious Barça, as they went out to the field as if they had to come back a 3-0 disadvantage from Guardiola’s Manchester City. And far from reality, they just needed to beat Inter and they had several key absences.

If Ronald Koeman had been the coach in Barça’s second half against Inter, they would have asked for his head. And this is not a critic to Xavi, who should have also made a different approach to that second half, but instead to point out the fact that Barça are not mentally prepared yet for such a demanding competition as the Champions League is that requires experience and concentration.

And it happened exactly the same against Real Madrid. Ancelotti’s squad were too far away from their best level, but Barça were clearly overcome despite that. Three defensive mistakes that ‘The Whites’ made the most out of in order to win El Clasico and leave Xavi with uncertainty.

And I am saying this because Barça are really struggling to display their game plan when their rivals fall back, as their only alternative in the end is to send crosses inside the box.

There is still a long way ahead in this season and Barça’s start was not bad at all. They performed great in Munich and they seemed unstoppable up to this point at LaLiga. However, this last week has uncovered many lacks both collectively and individually.

Now with the Champions League almost impossible, Barça will have to focus on LaLiga and the rest of the national competitions to try to lift a trophy.

On the contrary, the personal bet from Laporta this last summer will totally fail and will bring along very negative consequences for Barça’s economy.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @FCBarcelona_es.

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