The era of Messi at Barça is over, but his football during all these years will be unforgettable. We never thought that this day would come after having enjoyed of the best player we have ever seen on a field. Growing up watching the ’10’ dribbling his opponents every weekend in the last two decades has been a privilege. The gap for the fans from now on will be irreplaceable.

Nobody like Messi:

Barça reached the glory and conquered football worldwide in 2009 led by Pep Guardiola on the bench and Messi on the pitch when the Argentinian was already the best. The message by those who wanted them to fail Every year that ended with titles but no the Champions League was always the same: end of an era.

The truth is that the real end of era at Barça took place on August 5th 2021, a date that will always be remembered and will change the club´s history from now on.

Messi, the biggest Barça and football´s symbol, had to leave the club he loves for issues that have nothing to do with both parts implicated. Neither Guardiola, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta or any other of the great players who have suceded. No one is like Leo, absolutely no one. He can´t be compared to anyone else.

Messi shows his jersey to the Bernabéu after scoring a last-minute winner

Bartomeu is guilty:

Barcelona have been the victim of a terrible management by ex-President Bartomeu´s board of directors. Lost of control, all the power given to the players, money waste and nonsense signs to hide mistakes. Three years of authentic calamity that we are all thinking of today after last summer´s warn.

Barça´s delicate economical situation has not only made the stay of their best player imposible, but it proves that poor managements have consequences in the long run and that LaLiga is inflexible towards the absurdities by their clubs, as it has been the case. Bartomeu´s shade, the worst President at Barça in history, will be just as big as Messi´s greatness.

Barça´s President Bartomeu

LaLiga and Spanish football lose their best player and strength towards other competitions in Europe in a decline that does not stop. The damage is huge and irreparable.

Barça start all over after a ridicule by some unqualified managers that now do not allow the inscription for signs and players on the roster, which will decrease the level of one of the most important teams in the league.

Messi´s farewell must be painful and we must be aware of its seriousness. The real end of era is not just for Barça but for Spanish football.

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