Finally, after 16 years of trajectory with Argentina, Messi has lifted his most longed for title and the one he needed the most to compete a ’10’ career, like he is. Maracaná’s conquer, the same scenario where he was on verge of the World Cup back in 2014 against Germany, was the same place to take revenge on all the finals he has lost with his country and this time reach the glory at the home of the eternal rival and achieve the goal that he was looking for his entire career.

Messi, considered by many as the best player in history (the best I have ever seen in the game) dragged an endless curse with his country that neither the multiple tittles with FC Barcelona or the individual prizes with the Golden Ball Award could cover.

Argentina was always the lunar, the ‘but’ of a player that was accused to be a different one on Barça´s jersey and Argentina´s. The reality is that Messi never avoided the responsibility and always looked to succeed with his country , as he admitted himself that this was his only and main goal, to lift a trophy with his national team.

He led his team in all the tournaments where he fell short and took his country to the Olympus where others missed in key moments if we review each of the finals he played. He was never a ‘cold chest’ and never deserved such pain and disrespect for not finishing the job on his attempts.

16 years and four finals later, the only unfair criticism that the haters used to attack him has faed away. Football lovers who admire his talent couldn´t be happier for him. He has pulled it off at the age of 34, with his future at Barcelona still to be decided and with Maradona witnessing his achievement from the sky. Football has finally paid one of its most unfair debts and has given Messi what he deserved.

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