The arrival of Darwin Núñez to Anfield peeks a very high immediate and future impact for Liverpool. However, despite the proven interest by Klopp to add him, the ‘all-in’ move for the Uruguayan signing responds to the urgent necessity previously presented by the already confirmed farewell of one of the big pieces for the ‘Reds’: Sadio Mané.

The international Senegalese has put an end to the successful era that returned Liverpool to the top both in England and Europe. Since he joined six years ago, Mané has experienced an idyllic relationship with the German coach, who has taken out the best and most matured version from the forward.

The ex ‘Saint’ player landed in as a pure left winger, but his huge development has allowed him to switch positions on the field and provide with multiple resources and tactical options. In fact, in his last performances, we have been able to enjoy of a Mané that has acted as the offensive reference, both as a static ‘9’ or through the movility that features him.

However, despite having conquered all the possible titles (except for the Community Shield), if something has stood out in the Senegalese’s time in Liverpool has been his key role in one of the most lethal tridents and, specially, the partnership formed with Mohamed Salah. They have both given Anfield astonishing scoring numbers that have resulted in three Champions League finals in five years and the conquer of a Premier League title.

Now, at the age of 30 and more than half of his career in England, plus the investment of 32M € + 9M € in bonuses; Mané accepts the challenge of the ‘Gigant Bavarian’. This way Bayern, still with the pending case of Lewandowski, top off a dreamed offensive area with a high capacity profile for any zone on the pitch.

“Sadio can play perfectly in four or five different positions and he can also switch during the game”

Julian Nagelsmann in the presentation of Mané

No doubt that both the Bavarian club and Mané will look to extend Bayern’s reign in the Bundesliga and return to the battle for the Champions League title towards next season.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @FCBayern.

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