The soap opera of the last five years is now officially over. The countless debates, clocks, exclusives and animated circus on Kylian Mbappé are over too. The eternal decision that has kept in suspense all those who know nothing about football has finally been made. The smoke curtain that has covered for so long the biggest fraud of this sport is now done.

Kylian Mbappé will not play for Real Madrid. Yes, it can sound unbelievable. Even though he was already signed. The Frenchman, the most valued player in the planet for the next decade, has rejected Real Madrid. He has rejected the most awarded team in history. It is hard to believe.

PSG, an artificial team built through petrodollars and with no kind of rigor or law at all in their constant illegal financial doping have once again managed to “win” at the only aspect they can beat the real big clubs: the economic. They already did it back in 2017 with Neymar and now they repeat the story with Kylian Mbappé. They aim to buy with money the history of a centenarian transatlantic and that is just impossible.

Mbappé stays in Paris and Real Madrid will be there to play the Champions League final next week. Yes, without Mbappé and Haaland. Without the big names that were going to come and that were going to build a magic duo to play along with the stars that are already in the squad. And who cares if Real Madrid always win.

Real Madrid, blinded by the marketing and media of this great player now must be quieter than ever, because Mbappé has always needed Real Madrid more than Real Madrid Mbappé. And because Mbappé has chosen money over glory.

This silly outcome puts and end to the (extra)football story of the last lustrum, but what is not over is Real Madrid’s history neither PSG’s attempt to keep investing on winning one day the most important European title.

Mbappé has chosen the most difficult path but also the wealthiest. Madrid have simply been rejected, but their walking through greatness will always keep its course. The money from PSG has been able to buy Mbappé, but it will never be able to buy the history of the real big teams.

Main image: Twitter @PSG_inside.

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