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Isaac Fouto: "El arbitraje en España está a un gran nivel"

Isaac Fouto: “Refereeing in Spain is at a high level”

Isaac Fouto, as he perceives himself, is usually known for the refereeing controversies that take place in Spanish football every week. However, his work as a sports journalist goes beyond the tense discussions in radio shows such as 'El...
Fernando Evangelio: "El seguimiento de fútbol internacional tiene una fecha de caducidad que yo ya pasé hace tiempo"

Fernando Evangelio: “Following international football has an expiration date that I already passed some...

Fernando Evangelio is a passionate of the radio and, probably, the only fan in the planet for both Brazilian Gremio and Spanish Conquense, the only two teams that he follows for love and the ones he suffers for. The...
Miguel Quintana: "LaLiga no puede competir con la Premier"

Miguel Quintana: “LaLiga can’t compete with the Premier League”

Miguel Quintana is one of the main names from the sports journalist generation that has been born in the era of the new platforms such as YouTube. He actually began his professional career and gained national relevance in Spain through...
Antonio Ruiz: "No hay nada más inteligente que el partido a partido"

Antonio Ruiz: “Just as Simeone can’t be questioned for his success, those who do...

Antonio Ruiz, also known as 'Antoñito', is a sports journalist for Tiempo de Juego and El Partidazo from Cadena COPE and El Golazo de Gol in Spain. He is one of the main referents in journalism and covers his beloved team Atlético de...
Rafa Mainez: "Una hipotética vuelta a la Segunda B tendría unas consecuencias terribles"

Rafa Mainez: “A hypothetical return to the Segunda B would have terrible consequences”

Rafa Mainez is a sports journalist specialized in the Spanish football third division (Primera RFEF) and semi-pro leagues that currently works for both the newspaper and radio Marca, where he serves as the productive chief of radio show La...
Borja Aranda: "Si no fuese por Simeone, no sé dónde estaría el Atlético a día de hoy"

Borja Aranda: “I do not know where Atlético would be today if it was...

Borja Aranda, collaborator for Radio Marca and Mister Underdog, visits our Twitch channel to talk about the new formats in sports journalism and the present of LaLiga. https://youtu.be/LlDCWAX2pgw Is sports journalism something you always wanted to dedicate yourself to, or did...
Menottinto: "El Atlético tiene que cerrar la puerta a jugadores con pasado madridista"

Menottinto: “Atlético have to close the door to players that come from Real Madrid”

Raúl Jimeno, more known as 'Menottinto' (Madrid, 1980), describes himself as an 'Internet journalist', which is becoming a very common characteristic in the industry thanks to the boom of the new digital platforms. However, he could consider himself a...
Entrevista a Jaime Molina ELXIIDEAL

Jaime Molina: “There is passion for football in China”

Jaime Molina (Estepona, 15 de junio de 1961) got a lifetime opportunity back in October 2018 when ex-teammate David Almazán 'Pirri' offered him a job at the Shanghai Shenhua Chinese Super League club academy Under-19 team. Jaime, who is...
Manolo Lama entrevista exclusiva a ELXIIDEAL

Manolo Lama: “The VAR is a joke”

Manolo Lama (Madrid, January 3rd 1962) is a famous Spanish sports journalist. He has been on the business for more than forty years both as a commentator and presenter for sports programes on the radio and TV. He currently...
Entrevista a Santiago Aragón en ELXIIDEAL.

Santiago Aragón: “I believe that Real Madrid have adapted themselves better to this situation...

Santiago Aragón (Málaga, April 3rd 1968) is an ex professional football player that played for Real Madrid, CD Logroñés and Real Zaragoza. He is currently part of the scouting department for the academy of Real Madrid. Santi accepts the...


Betis get a deserved win

Betis and Madrid faced off on a crucial match for both teams in the last LaLiga game of the weekend. On the home side...

UEFA makes a move

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