Nasser Al-Khelaifi finally has his match. PSG will play the Champions League final after multiple disappointments and millions spent. The reason they built this team for now makes sense. Only 90 minutes away from making history. 

Tuchel´s squad had a great performance against Leipzig, way more comfortable than the game against Atalanta. However, their midfielder was again very poor on moving the ball due to Verratti´s absence, but they yesterday balanced it with an excellent pressure that stop the Germans from progressing with the ball from their half, which made them to be unable to combine as they did against Atlético. 

The gap between the defensive and the offensive line is huge, but Neymar tries to fill that lack by moving down to the middle to receive the ball and make his team play, as Marquinhos battles ll the 50/50 but he is not the best at passing, and Herrera or Paredes are not pure distributors. Their midfield will definitely improve if Verratti can make it to the final. 

As soon as PSG take the ball to the last 25 meters, they are unstoppable, even with Neymar and Mbappé being scoreless so far. They always pass over their mark by speed or dribbling, and Di María sends the ball wherever he wants to. What aa left foot he has. 

Nagelsmann did not find a way to solve his team´s problems last night, such as PSG high pressure, much more intense throughout the whole game. Leipzig did not look like they ever believed they could beat PSG, Sabitzer and Kampl where exhausted. Dani Olomo and Poulsen barely touched the ball, and Gulácsi or Upamecano could not distribute it from backwards. PSG smelled the blood and took the offer without wearing out too much. Now they await a rival for the night they have dream of for so long. 


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