Advertising and sponsoring

ELXIIDEAL is a sports and independent media website that analyzes both through articles and videos the latest from the top European football (soccer) leagues and the NBA. We offer an alternative and personalized treatment with which we look to reach an audience that demands high quality content.

There are currently three ways to advertise at ELXIIDEAL:

  • Sponsored articles and ad banners.
  • Youtube and Twitch channel.
  • Social Networks.

What does include each option?

Sponsoring on the website (articles and ad banners):

  • Exclusiveness: Each article and ad banner will be entirely dedicated to a single advertiser.
  • Article format: The advertiser will create his own purpose and the editorial staff will determine its relevance. Once it is accepted, both parts will agree on the posting date.
  • Banners´sizes: 984x170px for a top banner (above the article´s headline) and 300x250px for the sidebar banner.
  • Diffusion: Apart from having its own space on the website, which will also be on top of the home page on the posting date, the article will also be distributed through all our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).

Youtube Channel:

  • Ad: A customer’s ad banner will be displayed during the video or live program.
  • Mention: We will mention the name of the brand based on its relevance regarding to the video’s content, and we will also save a part of the video to talk about the advertiser’s company/service.
  • Product placement: We will put an advertiser’s product with its name or logo somewhere on camera in order to be seen by the audience throughout the video.
  • All these options include in the price website and social media links to the advertiser’s place and profiles that will be placed on the video description area.

Social media:

  • Instagram: The advertiser’s account will be mentioned in our stories in order to promote both his/her profile and the product/services´ characteristics. The story will also be posted on Facebook.
  • Twitter: We will write a Tweet exclusively for the advertiser where we will talk both a description of the customer’s product/service and a link to their website.
  • Both options include the possibility that the editorial staff promotes the product/service in a video that will be posted to both platforms for the same price indicated above.


Do not hesitate to contact us for your business inquiries and we will make a personalized budget for you based on your company’s needs.