Bayern are already in the UCL final after their convincing win against Olympique Lyon. The German roller honored their nickname once again after punishing their rival in most of their attempts, and it could have been even worse. 

Lyon carried out their plan again, the only one they can execute: close up gaps backwards and look for them in counterattacks through Depay´s and Toko Ekambi´s speed, and they pulled it off multiple times, but they ended scoreless. If you add that to the fact that they did not defend as well as their last game against Manchester city, the result was clear: Bayern would kill them as soon as they had a chance, and that is what happened. They are now in the final without wearing themselves out too much, just like PSG. 

Flick´s squad is probably more compacted than Tuchel´s overall, specially in the midfield. PSG really needs Verratti to play on Sunday in order to add some good ball movement in the middle, because otherwise they will suffer a lot in that area. However, it is also true that Bayern take too much risk on their system with the ball, as their two full-backs are so offensive (we will see if Pavard can make it on Sunday) that every counterattack is  pain for them. 

Boateng and Alaba already suffered that yesterday, as we have seen that is not too difficult to find their backs in transitions. They were lucky Lyon were poor at finishing, but I doubt that that will happen against PSG. With such two starts as Mbappé and Neymar forward, and the astonishing passes by Di María, they will kill them in speed if they are this unconcerned in defense. That is where Flick has work to do. It will be a great final. 


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