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Kundananji, una salida récord que rompe el mercado

Kundananji, a record-breaking exit that smashes the market

Long gone is the signing of Mapi León to Barça from Atlético de Madrid for 50,000 euros in 2017, the most expensive in Spanish football at the time. The transfer market in women's football has exploded in recent years...
El camino del Barça para revalidar la Champions

Barça’s path to revalidate the Champions

Barça women's team already know their roadmap to try to become UEFA Women's Champions League champions once again. The road ahead isn't as easy as it seems, as they will face one of the revelations in the next round:...
Con el punto de mira en los Juegos Olímpicos

The focus is the Olympics

The 2024 Paris Olympics are around the corner. The competition will take place from the 26th of July to the 11th of August and the women's Spanish national team could soon earn their ticket for it. The month of...
Una Supercopa que deja mucho que desear

A Super Cup that leaves much to be desired

The Spanish Super Cup is a competition that is more in the spotlight for its extra-sporting aspects than for what happens on the pitch. Once again this year, this competition leaves much to be desired by the organization of...
Eva Navarro y Sheila Guijarro, la dupla de oro del Atleti

Eva Navarro and Sheila Guijarro, the golden duo of Atleti

The new year has brought many surprises in the return of the Liga F. Granada CF have found victory again, Levante beat Villarreal and Barça scored nine goals against Levante Las Planas. The day was full of goals and...
¿Quién ganará el The Best?

Who will win The Best?

On 15 January 2024, the FIFA The Best awards gala will be held in London, England. This ceremony awards the best women's football player, best goalkeeper, best coach and reveals the best team of the year. For this edition of...
El Levante pierde el rumbo en su mejor momento

Levante lose their way when they were at their best

In women's football, performing at a high level on the pitch is not enough. That is exactly what is happening to Levante. Them being the third best team in Spain, very close to FC Barcelona or Real Madrid, does...
Acaba el año y todo sigue igual en la Liga F

The year ends but everything stays the same in Liga F

The 2023/2024 season of Liga F has began the same way as the previous one. FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Levante occupy the top 3 positions while the recently promoted Eibar and Granada try to exit and break away...
¿Cómo se sustituye a Mapi León?

How do you replace Mapi León?

FC Barcelona have an important task for the coming months. The best centre-back in the world, Mapi León, is going to miss practically the whole season and the central defence is in the balance. The club is already starting...
La españolización de la liga inglesa

The Spanishization of the English league

The Women's Super League is living one of its best moments. The English league is betting on women's football and the global stars are not hesitating to leave for British soil. The people have turned out in force and...


NBA player market

1/13/2021: THE BOMB OF THE YEAR Harden to the Nets: The trade has been a rumor throughout the entire market and it has finally been...
Rashford scores against Leicester City

An unpublished Boxing Day

Gareth Bale acerca a Gales al Mundial

It’s time for Gareth Bale