Harry Kane is close to jump in his career. His desire to leave Tottenham Hotspur is well-known and he honestly has more than enough reasons for it. The Englishman striker has played his entire life at the London club and, just as he recently announced himself, he does not pan on staying at Tottenham forever.

The truth is that Kane has proved in the last few years to be a ‘Top’ striker worldwide. He has always been an excellent scorer with great fitness, but he has developed his game even more in this last season. He is able to act as a ‘playmaker’, go down to receive the ball and create his team´s actions from the base.

For this reason, he has not only won the Golden Boot (23 goals) in the Premier League, but he has also been awarded as the maximum assistant (14 assists). This way, the Englishman has become a very completed attacking player, worth of leading any offensive line in the world. In other words: he is at his career´s peak at 27.

I believe that such a top player should compete for all the titles, specially for the Champions League. In fact, Mauricio Pochetino managed to put Tottenham close to a privilege spot both in England and Europe until the 2019 final. However, the project broke down after falling to Liverpool.

I am sure that the chance to succeed with his lifetime team has been what has kept Harry Kane in London during all this time. However, the current situation invites to think that the ‘Spurs’ are far away from being candidates for a title and time is running out for their star.

For all this, I think that this is the ideal moment for him to join a top club. We must remind you that his trade will be very expensive and Daniel Levy is not an easy deal maker. Furthermore, the financial crisis due to the pandemic put the possible buyers into a complicated situation. This way, Kane will not have it easy to leave. What we can assure you is that it will be an entertaining summer.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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