Cholo Simeone pronounced exactly seven years ago a statement that has marked myself since then: “If you believe you can do it and you work hard for it, then you can do it”. Atlético celebrated on that day in front of their fans at Neptuno their last LaLiga title, the end of a decade of Barcelona-Real Madrid´s dynasty in Spanish football. It was a life quote, a way of being, thinking and acting, a motto that can be applied to the field where you work at with the goal to progress. That is what Cholo and Atlético represent.

Atlético´s history is full of heroic feats and heart breaking falls. It is full of depth feelings and intense celebrations. It is full of big hearts and unbreakable bonds. They fight like brothers to reach the glory.

Atlético have reached the peak thanks to Cholo Simeone. There are people who mark clubs and Cholo is one of them, as he has changed this club´s history. I am not saying that he is above the club, but for sure he is at the same level. He joined a team that has fighting to avoid relegation and he rebuilt a recognizable squad towards its philosophy. He kept that ambition to not stop believing and he took away a Liga title from the two big clubs in just two years. He fell in the Champions League but he continued an incredible growth in the club.

Cholo Simeone: “If you believe you can do it and you work hard for it, then you can do it”

May 18th 2014

Cholo literally built the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. He put Atlético at the same level as Barcelona and Real Madrid and he joined the race for the titles every year. LaLiga was not about just two teams anymore. Cholo assured in the Calderón farewell that he would stay as the head coach because he believed in this club´s future. He was not wrong and he kept growing.

Cholo Simeone built a winning team and players started to want to join it instead of just using it as a trampoline to stand out and sign for bigger clubs. Cholo turned good players into top players. He installed his motto game by game in order to set short term goals that would lead to bigger ones in the long term. Atlético had to win this LaLiga title because they got an advantage they couldn´t lose and they have pulled it off by suffering until the final whistle, as their history indicates.

Oblak has saved Atlético multiple times; Savic is a new guy and now he does not just defend perfectly but knows how to play on the ground; Koke is Cholo´s shape on the field and holds the team in the worst moments; Llorente has experienced a metamorphosis thanks to Cholo, who has changed his life by showing off his best abilities; Carrasco returned from China with a learnt lesson of what Cholo asked from him; Suárez proved that when others despised him Atlético where there to show him confidence just as they did with Villa back in 2014.

There are coaches who symbolize a philosophy that sticks to their fans. Cholo Simeone at Atlético and Cervera at Cádiz represent this passion that has turned into a huge growth that has changed their club´s history.

“If you believe you can do it and you work hard for it, then you can do it”. Thanks for transmitting a way of being that many of us feel identified by, Cholo.

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