Luis Suárez has always been a goal scoring machine with not too much technique. Very good at shooting but too slow. He is a box striker. He misses easy passes but scores everything he touches. He has never been fast. He has always dragged physical issues that have just become more serious as he has gotten older. Despite all this, he is the third top scorer for such a club like FC Barcelona. And now he is going to win LaLiga for Atlético.

Suárez has been a key part of Barça´s second triple and a member of the MSN trident, one of the best ones in the history of this sport. He has always been a synonym of goal, no matter how he is doing. That is why he is called ‘el pistolero’ (‘the gunman’). Neymar left and he lifted Barça up along with the king.

Many ones, along me, doubted that his performing level was going to be this good when he signed for Atlético, not because of the goal, as he will always have it, but because of his fitness. The problem is that the ones who could not make a wrong decision for such an important operation for the club he came from did so, Bartomeu´s disastrous staff.

They were the ones who decided to give it to a direct competitor for the title without having a decent replacement. No surprising at all if we take a look at their decision making history and their money waste management that has Barça close to bankrupt. Maybe they underestimated Atlético in the race for LaLiga. It is hard to believe, but it can´t be ruled out. What it is clear is that they thought that Suárez was done. That he was going to play with a walking stick.

Far from reality, he is just ending with Barça´s few options to stay alive in the battle. Koeman´s team keeps being the top scorer team in the league with three more goals than Atlético, but the biggest difference is that Cholo´s squad were scoreless last season and now they have been given it. All the games they used to draw (up to 16)now are all wins.

I must remind you that this already happened back in 2013. Barça gave away Villa to Atlético and he answered with 15 goals and a league title. Now it is going to happen exactly the same with Suárez. He has already scored 12 goals. Yes, he is the top scorer in LaLiga above Messi. The fat one, the leap one, the one with knee injuries, that guy. Suárez is going to give the title to Atlético while Barça are still paying almost half of his salary with money that they can´t afford. Suárez was too cheap for Atlético and too expensive for Barça.

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