Atlético de Madrid have made it to the Champions League round of 16. They have pulled it off with the epic of the big nights from the ‘Rojiblancos’ and, as their history marks, with lots of suffer and on the edge of the cliff.

But this team and his prophet Diego Pablo Simeone knows perfectly how to stand in the middle of the storm and escape from it when everyone expect them to fail. This is what the ‘Cholismo’ generates and the price of the winner for those who can´t wait for them to fall.

Atlético travelled to Porto with their future in this competition against all odds and returned with a magic win. They made it to the last fixture in a limit situation, full of absences on defense and with lots of doubts on their performing, which are still there, but winning is always the boost that changes the course.

Cholo had to improvise with his defense and those who usually do not get too much playing time made the most out of the opportunity. the team was able to put up with the suffering and resist against the dragons’ attempts, knock them out with the best Griezmman of the ‘Rojiblanca’ blood and through a set piece, breath with DePaul and Correa, and, as many other times, survive thanks to the outstanding saves by Oblak.

It is the strength of a group that has a winning DNA that has been transmitted by his builder and that also sustains the pillars of a club that is about to celebrate a decade from its revival.

“It has been 10 years and the team keeps exciting me even more”

Cholo Simeone on the win against FC Porto

Against everything and everyone, right at the key moment of the season, Atlético de Madrid have come back to life with the essence that Cholo claimed from a club that has always successful with a clear style: “I want a strong team that counterattacks”, said in his presentation.

Almost ten years later and with a top quality roster due to the path they have run, Atlético have gained a momentum and stay alive in the competition they still maintain a debt with. The team that never stops believing will keep doing it in February.

Main image: Twitter @Atleti.

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