A chant is going to be around Sevilla this Christmas: “Oh Juan Miguel…”. With the permission from Fekir, Juanmi has clinched Betis into the European spots thanks to his key goals.

If there is a similar stat to the +/- in basketball, Juanmi has grabbed +9 points in the last three games versus Elche, Levante and Barcelona. This is why I believe that the influence on the final score will always be the added value from the strikers.

Juanmi is going through a great moment and Pellegrini and his teammates know it. It is important that whenever a footballer enjoys of a moment like this one can also have the confidence from his environment. The Benito Villamarín Stadium showed great support on his performing against Levante, which turned into Juanmi’s first hat-trick as a professional. Even Borja Iglesias and Joaquín enjoyed the show from the bench.

However, the path has not been easy for Juanmi. His first two seasons as a ‘Verdiblanco’ were a calvary for him. Neither the luck and the expected performing, both individually and from his team, came by his side. An injury on his feet left him out of the field from September 2019 to June 2020. Then, the lack of accuracy at finishing and the strong competence provided him with a secondary role on the team.

Now, his numbers put him as the best Spanish striker halfway the season. This is in some part thanks to the job by ‘The Engineer’, as he allowed him to play regularly and provided him with the needed hierarchy despite the high level shown by Borja Iglesias or William José.

Unexpectedly, Juanmi and Raúl de Tomás have created a beautiful dilemma for Luis Enrique towards the next national team call-ups. To bet on classics or taking risk with new irruptions. Rejecting them would not be a matter of merits.

However, the place where they do not have any doubts is in Heliópolis. All of them want Juan Miguel to score.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @RealBetis

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