Radamel Falcao has only needed two games to prove that the age is not just a number, as whoever has the ability to score will never lose it. Maybe Rayo will not make a feat such as playing in Europe next season —hopefully I am wrong—, but having the Colombian on their squad makes it way easier for them to have more chances to avoid relegation. For now, and even though his first goal took place in a clear win, have made up to 6 points for the team from Vallecas.

Falcao said to COPE that “why would he sign for 15 goals this season if he feels like he can score even more”. I am going to go beyond that: the point is not the quantity of goals, but the points they provide to the team with. Of course, the more goals, the better, but Falcao has proved that he nows his role well. No matter how good he is and what his trajectory has been like, he must work like the rest of his teammates and provide guarantee to what he is best at through the tremendous experience he has.

That is the importance of having a top striker in your team and here there are not any differences on the level of the roster or simply their goals. Having a player who is able to give points and win games with a simple action is crucial for any club.

Just ask to Manchester United fans how their lives have changed after the addition of Cristiano Ronaldo. On the other hand, if we stay in Spain, Negredo was another key striker last season for Cádiz to stay in LaLiga. If we want to think about candidates for the title, Simeone already warned with the exact right criteria: “We are going into Suárez’s area“.

However, the board of directors from FC Barcelona decided to get rid of a player like Griezmann, strengthen a direct rival for the tittle and instead sign a striker who has only scored 19 goals in 96 games. I do not think that Barça fans would hesitate to sign Falcao instead rather than Lukk de Jong at all. As we do not know what to expect from Agüero whenever he recovers from his injury, Ansu Fati might be the man for the job of scoring at Barcelona. The duo Depay-Fati is the only hope for Barça.

While most clubs in Spain are suffering an offensive decline, Rayo Vallecano are starting to make the most out of the goals by Falcao. Having a scoring guarantee is a truly worth investment.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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