This is the way FC Barcelona captain Gerard Piqué felt right away after a new defeat to Bayern Munich: “It is what it is, we are what we are”. It has been more than a year since the historical 2-8 game against the Bavarians and the feeling of resignation for being in the same situation continues. Today Barça are not a big team in Europe anymore.

We all know that Barcelona are in a long journey through the desert in order to return to the football podium that they were in not that long ago. The disastrous management by Bartomeu has left the club in bankrupt and not only has provoked the exit of their best player ever, but also to be forced to design a roster based on many budget limitations. As a consequence, the sporting area has turned into secondary and the prove is the give away of Griezmann to Atlético. Barça has a worse team than last year.

The return of the Champions League brought along a new match against the author of their main humiliation, a team that Barça used to beat a few years back and as now the question is how many goals they will concede. Certainly, Bayern only scored three because they did not have the need to score more, as it was shown on the field.

Now it is necessary to make a deep analysis on the management of the limited sporting resources that Barça have today in order to add some context. Coach Koeman was criticized for his small team approach that has nothing to do with the history of a club like FC Barcelona, as well as for not starting with young players from the academy instead of veterans that were not in optimal conditions to play.

I do not believe that this was the right scenario at all for young talented players that have a huge potential but barely count on experience in professional football to get all the pressure on them and face one of the strongest teams in the world. They should certainly have plenty of minutes throughout the season, but they also have to be protected sometimes.

As we already talked about in one of our videos, Barça are a team with a bright future ahead of them, but the problem is that the process is slow and football demands immediate positive outcomes. The fans must assume that this is their new reality and show some patience while the guys exhibit their development whenever they let them to in the present, as they will surely be better in the future.

What is clear is that the crowd does not like Koeman and neither he is the right coach to run a team that needs more risk to be taken in some of the games. “It is what it is”, alright, but they have to look for alternatives to return to the elite, and the first one starts in the bench.

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