Barça´s defeat yesterday did not surprise anyone, as nobody bet for this team to win the Champions League for obvious reasons. They have definitely hit bottom, not only on the pitch, but also as a club. Bayern just confirmed it. This is a sign that an era has come to an end, and now we will see who will start the next one.

Bavarian squad went out since the first moment to destroy Barça. Being aware of the poor physical shape on the Blaugranas, Bayern carried out a high pressure that instantly killed them. It is true that Barça had a couple of clear chances to score the second one when they were tied, but that was just a ten minute break from the storm that would come next. Bayern smelled the blood and their goals started to come just as they did at the Germany vs Brasil game in the 2014 World Cup.

Spanish sports journalist Manolo Lama already warned us on an interview to ELXIIDEAL: “Barça is a disaster defensively” and “they are an old team”, he said. No doubt he was very serious about this, and we could tell yesterday. This game clearly proves the disastrous management by the board of directors, which must advance elections and quit immediately. 

Coach Setién is another issue, very punished on the field: Barça is a broken toy, with no tactical preparation and even less physical. I wonder what kind of training sessions they have had during the lockdown, as I do not think that “virtual rondos” were possible do. The consequence, players crawling on the pitch. Some of them should leave today.

Lastly, the entire squad needs a deep reconstruction, as many of them do not have the level to play for Barcelona anymore. Piqué talked about this after the game, and he claimed that he would leave if it was necessary. despite being him the second best player after Messi right now. “We will make decisions shortly”, said President Bartomeu. They should really analyze the scenario, because Thiago (formed in the Barça academy) was the starting midfielder yesterday for Bayern with an outstanding performance, and Coutinho, who Barça paid Liverpool 120M to sign him, and currently loaned at Bayern, scored a brace yesterday. Shame is short. 

After Bayern´s smash over Barça, they are for sure one of the clear candidates to lift the trophy. A very worked team by coach Flick, just the opposite as Setién: tactical strictness, high pressure, effective ball movement, fast transitions, multiple goal scorers… They have everything. Semedo is still looking for Daves on his wing. And Arturo Vidal even improved it with his pre-match statement, when he said that “Bayern were not going to play against aa Bundesliga team”. And he was right, as I doubt that yesterday´s Barça have the level to play in the Bundesliga”. 

The bomb has already exploded. Now is time for rebuilding. This reality check must be useful, because otherwise many more will come. 


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