The Villarreal – Bayern Munich knockout is one of the most unbalanced ones, but everything can happen in football. No matter what happens, the ‘Yellow Submarine’ have already won. And this is not just now. It is a process to the top elite that has been taking place for two decades.

A Champions League quarter finals at home against Bayern Munich. Even though is not the first time, but the third they make it to this round in the most prestigious tournament. History keeps being written.

Villarreal are in disadvantage in this round for obvious reasons. Bayern are one of the strongest teams in the planet and have a competitive character that is almost impossible to equalize.

“It is logical to think that we are favorites”

Jules Nagelsmann in press conference

As we already said, they are candidates to win, once again. However, the squad of Unai Emery has proved in several occasions that they know how to compete against the biggest teams in the continent and conquer the most difficult scenarios.

Current Europa League champions, their first title; competing against Chelsea until the end in the European Super Cup final, on verge of the glory; astonishing win in Turin against Juventus. 25 games in a row in Europe in the last two seasons. They are not beginners either.

Their few options are based on extending the knockout, avoid mistakes on defense and, overall, try to defend with the ball. Never resigning of their own identity.

“They might see themselves as winners and favorites, but we will try to know how to play at home and stay alive”

Unai Emery in press conference

Villarreal count on the best Spanish central defenders duo, a consolidated midfield in the elite, pure wingers like Yéremi, dangerous strikers like Danjuma and top playmakers such as Lo Celso and, specially, Gerard Moreno. All in all, there is potential.

We know that they play against Bayern, we know that they are a team that transmit the feeling that they are almost invencible and we know that not too many people believe. But if this village of 50,000 habitants and their team have made it all the way here after so many features and an excellent management of an exemplary club that everyone loves… Why not to dream?

Main image: José Manuel Calviño.

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