No, he is not made out of ceramics, but he shows off his art with the ball at La Cerámica Stadium. Straight out of the Canary Islands and from the powerful 2002 generation, Yeremi Jesús Pino Santos has not stopped his growth in the elite since he made his debut with Villarreal on October 22nd 2020 at a Europa League game against Sivasspor (5-3). He did so at LaLiga three days later, this time at Carranza and scored his first goal as a professional a week later against Qarabag.

I could be like these for multiple more paragraphs. ‘Yeremy’ keeps making achievements very fast while he delights us with constant exhibitions of that vintage street football that adds that much freshness to the modern football current style.

There is no limit for the Canarian despite his young age. Pino has a special talent, that kind of talent that the football industry should really take good care of. His abilities: driving, dribbling and great shooting —he surprises from middle distance— ; and other important faculties like the possibility to play on both wings and his intelligence to read the games that he proves constantly. Furthermore, he has the easiness to offer the same high level performing both as a starter or coming in from the bench.

However, his own demand and ambition are the two main qualities that have allowed Yeremi Pino to develop himself on the right path and earn the confidence from coach Unai Emery. As a result, the Canarian has been a key player in the big games: the Europa League´s conquer (77′), and the European Super Cup final (91′). Fearless to the challenges and confident of his game, Yeremi is not a promise anymore, but a reality.

“Yeremi Pino stands out at his character to face the competition. The more difficult the challenge is, the more he is able to prove his potential”

Nando Martínez, physical trainer for Villarreal B, after the irruption of Yeremi. El País, December 25th, 2020

As Manolo Lama would say, Yeremi Pino is one of those players that an alien would come down the Earth to watch. He has fun with the ball on his feet and the ‘Groguets’ enjoy of his ‘kid’, but not just them. The Canary Islands can be proud of having two of the diamonds from the most hopeful generation for Spanish football. Pure Canarian art.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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