Nobody can denny that dribbling is one of the most attractive aspects of the game. It is the maximum expression of creativeness, cunning and ingenuity from a player. Striking as a feature, it gets even more showy when the environment is monotonous. In other words, when there is just a fooling artist in the team.

Allan Saint-Maximin is a unique player within his specie. He is actually the only one at St James´Park able to leave his rivals behind thanks to his skills. The Frenchman winger joined Newcastle United in the summer of 2019 from OGC Nice. One season and a half later, he has proved to be one of the most decisive players in the Premier League.

The ‘magpies’ squad has not been know for displaying an attractive playing style for the last few years. However, since Rafa Benítez´s phase and now with Steve Bruce, they have based their approach on defending backwards and looking for counterattacks. Their football is flat and not too beautiful, but Saint Maximin is the difference maker that the fans love to see.

His resources to dribble opponents are endless. He is agile, fast and stronger than what he looks. His decision making and final actions such as finishing or assisting still can improve, but he always creates danger plays for the team. His style is clear: receive and run towards the goal, no matter how many players try to stop him.

Off the field, he is an active guy on social media. He usually interacts a lot with his fans and he has earned ‘magpies’ admiration thanks to his humbleness and altruism. The Frenchman is a total icon at St James´Park. In a world where football is becoming more mechanical and less creative, and where space for nerve and risk is getting smaller; Allan Saint-Maximin is original, fun and brilliant. He is the dribbling´s personification.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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