The EURO 2020 is almost here and France and England are the favorite teams to win both in the media and among the fans. Germany and Belgium are also taken into account, but I believe that Portugal is going unnoticed, the quiet candidates.

Their main argument is the group of players they count on. First of all, they have a very confident keeper, Rui Patrício. Even though he has been influenced by his team´s poor season, his talent and experience are a useful addition for his national team. Furthermore, he has two extraordinary replacements like Rui Silva and Anthony Lopes.

The defensive line is also a top-level area: Rúben Dias, named as the Player of the Season in the Premier League, and from my point of view, the best central defender in Europe this season, is their main pilar. On the other hand, Pepe has had an outstanding year at Porto (he proved it in the Champions League) and so we can expect him to keep that level in the EURO.

João CanceloRaphaël Guerreiro and Nélson Semedo are the full-backs that complete the defense. The Manchester City guy has been a key for Guardiola this campaign while Guerreiro is a contrasted category player. And if this was not enough, Semedo has also had a great year with the Wolves.

Danilo Pereira is the starting pivot in the midfield and one of the untouchable players. However, the multiple options in the interior positions will be a blessed headache for Fernando Santos.

On one side, Bruno Fernandes will more than likely be a starter. On the other, the coach will have to choose between the amazing season by Sergio Oliveira or Moutinho and Renato Sanche´s background with the national team.

The offensive line confirms us that Portugal have a balanced team which can beat anyone. Cristiano Ronaldo is its leader, a more than reliable scorer whose addition without the ball will give valuable resources to the squad. He will be accompanied by Bernardo Silva and Diego Jota: speed, technique, vision, runs and shooting. A lot of talent between both of them.

We can´t forget other names like André Silva, João Félix or Rúben Neves. They have a tremendous bench and that will aloow them to play this tournament with a lot of confident, as they will be able to change games with multiple variants. For all these reasons and considering all their lines´ current level, I believe that Portugal is the strongest team in the EURO.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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