“Maybe in 10 years you will have a European League… the money that will be coming in from the champions League will not be enough for some clubs”. This is what Arséne Wenger had to say back in 2009. Today, April 19th 2021, it is a reality. The European Super League has been created.

If you asked me, I believe that this was an almost unstoppable deal to be reached within the football industry. The truth is that the game has tended to power concentration since this business became really profitable both nationally and worldwide. Nowadays there is an insurmountable gap between the richest clubs and the middle class.

The Super League will increase this gap and, if it goes forward, it will turn into the end of the football we know. There are some who support this idea and just want to watch big games constantly, every week. However, most part of the fans are against this new tournament, and football belongs to the fans.

Football has been losing creativeness and risk as time has passed by. The game has been robotized and young players development is too strict since from an early age. There is not place for a dribble or an impossible pass anymore, as now clubs prefer a more conservative and organized football.

This has turned into a show deterioration that is clearly taking place in La Liga, but affects the entire world. From my point of view, the Super League will just boost this deterioration. Special games will not be special anymore because we will just get used to them.

I think that the Super League is just one more setback for the fans, and football is what it is today thanks to them. Football needed urgent changes, but maybe it is too late. Some politicians in England are discussing today about making reforms for the fans. Different approaches will keep coming up in the next few days, but it is clear that we are going towards a new football.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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