Football occupies such a nice as well as unpredictable scenario. Their actors are capable of going against any kind of logic. This is where Villarreal comes up, as they are the main character of this phenomenon this season. They have surprised with the best and also with the worst.

Possibly, the squad coached by Unai Emery practices one of the most attractive and competitiveness games of the league; which is something they have moved to Europe. However, they also collect multiple stupid photographies. Improper mistakes of a team with arguments to have competed for a Champions League spot towards next season.

In fact, at some moments it was actually complicated not to think of a sad precedent in Villarreal’s history: that fateful 2012. The phase between September-January of this season showed certain similarities compared to that year, specially in their poor dynamic in relation to the merits they deserved.

However, the contexts from both seasons are very different. In this case, it was just a matter of time that Villarreal would manage to come back. We are talking about an entity that has grown exponentially until facing the best squads in the continent thanks to a job of decades. And it is now, right at the crucial part of the season, when Villarreal have recovered the reliability and their offensive potential has found the ideal tuning.

Even Emery has pulled off to downplay the absences of Gerard Moreno. A situation that would have seemed impossible in any other season. The reality is that the coached has added talented pieces that have fit in perfectly to his playing style idea. Arnaut Danjuma and Giovanni Lo Celso shine in a system that has allowed them to earn a spot within the biggest teams.

Villarreal have a nice opportunity and challenge in the Champions League. The huge technical, tactical and physical display exhibitions shown against probably the strongest and most completed team in the world is a fact. It is true that the second game at the Allianz Arena Stadium will be a tough resistance test, why not to believe? There are options based on the lead in the scoreboard and football reasons.

“The biggest challenge I have faced so far as a coach is going to be the knockout against Bayern Munich”

Unai Emery

No doubt that Villarreal are prepared to be the pleasant surprise of the competition and, mostly, they have nothing to loose. Even though after extending their large list of unnecessary defeats and draws in LaLiga.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @VillarrealCF.

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