The Xavi’s effect is a state of euphoria that Barça have been experiencing since the arrival of the ir new coach only four months ago. It is about a feeling of relief for recovering the lost identity in the last few years and a return to the beginnings for witnessing again a recognizable playing style that has starred legendary exhibitions in the biggest scenarios. A record rebuild of a shield that had not been respected for too long.

The great Xavi Hernández was certainly qualified to change the course of a team without any plan or idea due to his unbeatable trajectory as a player and brain of the best Barça in history. I do not think that anyone did not trust him when he first signed, as there was also the exact same preceding with Guardiola, same school style and same short experience when he coached Barcelona.

Therefore, based on the precedents, the style and what Xavi already transmitted on the field, we should not be surprised at all with what we are seeing, even less taking into account the golden talent from the academy and the signings from the winter transfer market that he is enjoying of. Rather the opposite. We are witnessing a natural process of reconversion which with Barça expect to return to their usual sooner than later, and they are in the right path to do that.

A return to the beginnings with a generational replacement through identical pieces that guarantee the viability of the club in the elite for the next decade. A deep image washing which with people want to return to the Camp Nou and the stars to play in its grass. All in all, to be a big fish again.

However, one thing is the course that the entity is heading to and another one their current location. This one is still a tough one, as they are 12 points behind the top in LaLiga (9 hypothetical) and are experiencing the severest punishment for the negligence of all these years, which is playing in the European’s second division.

This way, and still with 10 games left plus the Europa League quarter finals right around the corner, the feasible goals for Barça in order to maintain their growth must be the following: battling for the second spot, as Sevilla and Atlético de Madrid also exist and, specially, winning the Europa League, not because of just lifting a trophy, but because that would allow them to be in the first plot towards the next Champions League group stage draw.

LaLiga will be white, but Barça are finally back on track and will start from exit box next season and in disposition to battle for everything, which is already good enough. Everything thanks to the Xavi’s effect.

Main image: Twitter @FCBarcelona_es.

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