Real Madrid have conquered their 34th laLiga title undefeated after the break provoked by the coronavirus pandemic. No doubt that if regularity is the most demanded aspect for such a long tournament, this must be the most similar thing. Imagine if it has been well deserved for Real after Messi´s self-criticism after another loss: “We are a weak team, they score on us on every attempt. I said it before that we did not have enough to win the Champions League, and time proved that we did not even have enough for LaLiga. We will lose to Naples if we continue this way”. While Zidane´s statistics show that he wins a title every 19 games, Setién seems to be living his last days as the Barça coach. Koeman could substitute him. 

Apart from the regularity and the astonishing run after the coronavirus break, the Whites have a longer squad to count on, and the five substitutions allowed per match have helped to show it off. Santiago Aragón already warned us on an interview to ELXIIDEAL this week: “Real Madrid have adapted themselves better to this situation than Barcelona”. And it looks like he was right, because as Zidane´s team fitness lasted for the entire game, Barça ran out of energy at the 60th minute. Certainly the “maintenance” that players had during the lockdown, as Santi mentioned, has not been the same. Madrid had a better one. 

Barça´s league has been a nightmare, marked by Valverde´s destitution and Setién´s substitution, a coach that has been unable to be in charge of such a big team and never connected with the players. Madrid´s has been a strong desire to win it, knowing that Barça´s board of directors poor decisions would make the rest: the heads and the tails of the coronavirus´ league.


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