Monday, May 23, 2022
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La autocrítica llama a Sevilla

Self-criticism calls for Sevilla

Sevilla certified their qualifying to the Champions League for the third consecutive year. An accomplishment for them. It is not easy at all to pull that off in a competition where regularity marks your destiny. The Spanish championship counts...
LaLiga todo en juego

All in play

As every year by these dates, this evening will take place the penultimate fixture of LaLiga with all the games taking place at the same time and with several teams battling for their goals and immediate future. There are 180...
Dilema (de) Bordalás

Dilemma (of) Bordalás

Another year, and just as it has been usual in the last few seasons, Valencia are going to finish the season mid-table and with no goals achieved or to battle for. They do not aim to earn the financial life...
El Atlético de Madrid no hará pasillo al Real Madrid como campeón de liga

The (not) importance of the guard of honor

It is unusual that a football game that an extra sports fact matters more than whatever happens during the 90 minutes. Even more if we take into account the dimensions of the match and its transcendence for one of...
Real Madrid campeón de liga 21/22

Real Madrid, hegemonic champions of the regularity

It was just a matter of time, as something that was clear since December has now just become official: Real Madrid are LaLiga champions for their 35th time. They have pulled it off through a huge superiority about the rest...
El Real Betis se proclama campeón de la Copa del Rey

Pellegrini tops off his work

Real Betis have lifted a trophy 17 years later. They have returned to celebrate to Plaza Nueva thanks to the guide of a symbol coach from Spanish football, Manuel Pellegrini, who is always successful wherever he goes. An authentic...
Final Copa del Rey 2022 entre Betis y Valencia

Night of ‘cups’

La Cartuja will be a party tonight. Despite Real Betis playing in their city, whoever wins will top off a long season that will be remembered for the ages. The illusion that brings the Spanish Cup when Real Madrid...
El Villarreal en un encuentro de Champions League

Villarreal are capable of the unpredictable

Football occupies such a nice as well as unpredictable scenario. Their actors are capable of going against any kind of logic. This is where Villarreal comes up, as they are the main character of this phenomenon this season. They...
El Madrid acusa el cansancio ante la falta de rotación de Ancelotti

The risks of Ancelotti

Ancelotti needed only a month to show that his roster is formed by only 14 players. Yes indeed, this management of the season has worked out great for six months. The momentum couldn't have been better: Vinicius exploded his...
El Barça negocia la renovación de Araujo

The future of Barça is at home

The season of Barça is not over yet, but the club has already started to plan on the next transfer market. The list of names is already on the table and signing cheap is a priority for Barcelona. Since...


Sevilla surprises Getafe

Direct match at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez where Getafe hosted Sevilla in the race for the Champions League spots, even though both of them...
Griezmann Barça.

Griezmann, a year in the shadow