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Zidane carga contra Florentino en su carta de despedida

Florentino´s ‘modus operandi’

Real Madrid have always been a successful club that needs balance inside to manage so much talent and control egos and roles in a place where winning is a requirement and the demand for that is huge. Their President,...
El Atlético de Madrid se proclama campeón de liga por segunda vez bajo el mando del Cholo Simeone

‘Cholismo’ as a way of life

Cholo Simeone pronounced exactly seven years ago a statement that has marked myself since then: "If you believe you can do it and you work hard for it, then you can do it". Atlético celebrated on that day in...
La afición regresa a los estadios de fútbol

Football in its purest form

Sunday football. Today it can all be over. The outcome of a season in two hours of radio. The fixture at 6:30 PM can make things more clear or make them even harder to guess for the last game...
El Cádiz consigue la salvación matemática

Cádiz´s creed

Every club and football in general has illustrious dates. In Cádiz there is a day that brings great memories and that has impacted the club´s recent history: April 18th 2006. Cádiz, which was in the 2nd B division by...
Javi Gracia deja de ser entrenador del Valencia

Upon the marble and the green

A friend that also works in the football industry has a saying that I firmly agree with: If a marble at a club is clean and in good condition, the green will be the same. The marble is the...
Granada demuestra, los sueños sí se cumplen

Dreams come true

Granada went down to the second division four years ago. A city whose dream of returning to the Spanish football elite had come true almost four decades later. Who would have told them that the best was yet to...
El público no volverá a los estadios en lo que resta de temporada

Enough is enough!

La Liga will not allow fans in their stadiums for the remainder of the season. This basically means that there has not been any progress in the las 14 months. Today La Liga and the ACB, which are the...
El fútbol es de los aficionados

Football is for the fans

The European Super League has been cancelled after a few days of protests by the fans. This way, they have proven that they still hold certain power in football. This sport, which has become the most followed one in...
La Liga más emocionante de los últimos años. ¿Quién se alzará con el título?

La Liga we always wanted

The final sprint for La Liga race has come. Three games left and four candidates. The football world 'experts' have been warning about the Spanish league decline for already two years, mostly based on the most recent outcomes in...
Edit Clásico

‘El Clásico’ week, the worldwide game

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will face off next Saturday at 9pm at the Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium. The game that stops the world and that can potentially make the difference in the race for LaLiga title. 'El clásico'...


Atlético and Sevilla share points at the Metropolitano

Direct match in the race to reach the Champions League spots for the next Season. The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium hosted two teams that are...

Barcelona trip at Balaídos

El último Tango

Another Last Dance?