Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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El Barça se proclama campeón de La Liga del 'unocerismo'

The 1-0 league

Barça are the new LaLiga champions. A very needed title both for Xavi's program stability and so the club's economic. A trophy that symbolizes the annual regularity and that Barça had not won for the last four seasons. And...
Adiós a Busquets: la bisagra entre el aficionado y el analista

Farewell to Busquets: the connection between the fan and the analyst

Busquets is about to retire. The midfielder that changed the position disappears. We will not have the chance to keep admiring a player more respected by the inner circle of football than fans. "Busquets confused global football, he made us...
Joaquín, el adiós de la finta y el sprint

Joaquín, the farewell of the dribbling and the speed

Joaquín is the perfect example of a duality that has barely been seen in the sports industry before: on one side, the player, and on the other one, the 'showman'. Many people actually know better his failed signing for...
Estos son los jugadores que acaban contrato en el Real Madrid

To renew or to replace?

The end of the season is around the corner and Real Madrid have several tasks on the table to take care of. First of all, the stay of Carlo Ancelotti is still an unknown. On the other hand, several...
El Griezmann que necesites

The Griezmann you need

Antoine Griezmann is a footballer in danger of extinction. All of us who follow this sport love him for very different reasons: he makes the most classic to fall in love with him due to his hard work and...
Christensen y la virtud de no hacer ruido

Christensen and the quality to go unnoticed

Andreas Christensen signed for FC Barcelona on July 4th 2022 after ending his contract with Chelsea. This is one of the key points to understand the reason why he still keeps that low profile, the fact that he joined...
RC Celta y cómo superar un Tourmalet

RC Celta and how to overcome an uphill battle

RC Celta saw themselves forced to fire the savior of the team from a couple seasons ago just into the 12th game of the current campaign. He was a coach who brought back the excitement to Vigo. In order...
Real Sociedad, radiografía de un modelo de éxito

Real Sociedad, x-ray of a successful plan

Real Sociedad are once again the most attractive team in LaLiga to watch, even though they are not a surprise anymore. For the last few seasons, they have become one of the best teams in Spain thanks to an...
Incidencia o negligencia

Incident or negligence

To try to set a precedent in football nowadays is a very difficult goal to accomplish. En more when the rules remain stipulated and the tools to that to try to break down some of them are not strong...
Ledesma, el guardián de Cádiz

Conan Ledesma, Cádiz’s guardian

The goal: three metal posts and a position that brings along a huge responsibility in football since its beginning. To win in this sport is always sums up with as simple as complex quote: "to dominate the boxes". This...


The team that never stops believing

Atlético de Madrid have made it to the Champions League round of 16. They have pulled it off with the epic of the big...
El efecto Xavi

Xavi’s effect