Football is a second chance game. The sport that gives you back what it took away from you, even though it might take a long time for that to happen, but it all ends up in its right place. It is ‘The God of Football’, someone or something that we all pray to at the key moment in order to give us back what we missed whenever we find ourselves in a similar circumstance to when we lost it.

This phenomenon has been the main character during this week of European finals. Resilience, strength and conscience of knowing that not always the favorite one wins in this magic game. In the end, there is always a chance. And so here we are, with a European Super Cup final on August 11th between Chelsea and Villarreal, the two less likely to win, the ones meant to loose. Nobody knows about football.

Villarreal´s story is a movie one, the best way to take revenge on what football stole from them 15 years ago when Riquelme missed a penalty in the Champions League semifinals against Arsenal that would have taken them to the final. That ended the dream of a small town of 50,000 people. Now they have conquered their first title ever the same way they fell, from the penalty spot. This has taken more than 20 years of hard work from their board of directors, as they have not stopped until they have brought the ‘Yellow Submarine’ to the continental peak. Nobody can hate this team. An example of how to do things well and patiently. It was their moment.

Chelsea beat Manchester City last night in the Champions League final. The most likely to loose, as Tuchel remembered in the press conference before the game, but this is a team that has come back to life thanks to their current coach after they had to sack a legend on the pitch in the first part of the season that was not the right person to direct the players from the bench. Tuchel has built a winner, impenetrable and killing team in just five months without having a top scorer but through a physical and fast playing style that has been added up to a tactical exhibition defensively that have made them an invincible team in Europe this year.

Emery and Tuchel, both the winners of this week, share past and circumstances. They were both fired from PSG, the second one after reaching the yearned Champions League final that he has been able to lift one year later and five months after being sacked, proving this way that Al-Khelaifi made the wrong choice. The two Champions League titles that Chelsea has won have come after changing their head coach half way the season.

On the other hand Guardiola, who is accused from being a failed from those who really are, will have another chance and now is the coach who has taken Manchester City to the final for the first time. At least we will still have the same goal to achieve at this club. Tuchel has taken his revenge less than a year later. Everything is connected in football and its God always pays up its debts.

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