The European Super League has been cancelled after a few days of protests by the fans. This way, they have proven that they still hold certain power in football. This sport, which has become the most followed one in the world thanks to the crowd, is today a business where everybody, with no exception, looks to make profit. This new competition was just a clear example. A reflect from the society we are currently living in.

The project boosted by Florentino (Real Madrid), Agnelli (Juventus) and the Glazer brothers (Manchester United) has been a try by all these owners to get even more wealthy. The plan had been set for three years, according to Madrid´s president, and the pandemic just speeded up its launch: fans not being allowed in the stadiums turned into a serious financial crisis in the football industry.

Florentino said on his interview to El Chiringuito that the Super League´s goal was “to save football”. The reality is that their purpose was to improve their benefits and give the leftovers to the rest: this competition was going to take over the most part of the TV rights, which are crucial for most European clubs.

Yes, there were going to be solidarity payments, but those were just meant to be a safe passage regarding to European laws. Furthermore, Florentino did not take into account (maybe intentionally) that the UEFA already distributes money among all the clubs that participate in the Champions League, Europa League, and the new Conference League. However, the Super League only aimed to hand out the benefits between 20 teams.

That is to say, entities that do not take part in the new tournament would not receive any profits, but they would instead be condemned to lose a lot of money in the short and long term. On the other hand, this competition represented the end of meritocracy and sports values´deterioration. Overall, football greatness lies on the fact that anyone can beat anyone in this game.

Unpredictability magic personifies in feats like Leicester winning the Premier League in 2016 or Granada´s visit to Old Trafford in the Europa League quarter finals. This way, the Super League was going to bring terrible consequences for football: monotony between the big clubs, economic inequalities, lost of interest and less TV demand. A killing circle.

By the way, Florentino pointed out that the youth are losing interest in football. And how is not that possible? Exorbitant prices for tickets, jerseys and TV channels are the main reasons for this shift. However, involved clubs have overstated the value of their fans.

Many people have defended the Super League like if it was a war between the clubs and the UEFA-FIFA. It is not a mystery that European and global football´s aristocracy is one of the responsible for the current situation. However, the solution that these elite clubs have proposed is not the right one. To be against the Super League does not mean support to the UEFA or FIFA.

Both organizations have proven to be corrupt and just desire economic benefit. Qatar World Cup is just one of the examples: a country with lack of human rights and where numerous workers have died on Stadiums building. Tebas himself should not be talking too much, as he tried to take games to Miami. Rubiales has also brought the Spanish Super Cup to Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

With all these, it is clear that hypocrisy is the common denominator in football´s world high class. In fact, changes that are coming up, like the new Champions League will keep benefiting the most rich clubs, while the UEFA will maintain its power. This way, fans have won a battle, but future is not encouraging. We will keep claiming that football is (or should be) for them.

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