Monday, June 27, 2022
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El número 1 del draft, Paolo Banchero

The Draft night leaves multiple surprises

With the NBA season over, it is time for the trades, the free agency and the Draft. The night of the young was initially more promising for the trades rumors than for the actual picks, as they looked evident....
El ADN ganador de los Golden State Warriors

The winning DNA of the Golden State Warriors

The Warriors won the NBA last week after beating the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the Finals. Let's analyze the keys of the new champions. Stephen Curry, an all time player: We are just running out of adjectives to describe...
Warriors y Celtics, a por el anillo

Warriors and Celtics for the ring

The NBA Playoffs are over and now we are ahead of the most special moment of the season: the Finals, which will start next Thursday. The Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics will take on each other in...
Luka Doncic, destinado a la grandeza

Luka Doncic, destined for greatness

Dallas Mavericks have defeated the Phoenix Suns, the best team of the league, in the Conference Semifinals. The main responsible for it is Luka Doncic, a player that is destined for greatness. Will he be able to win the...
Serie impredecible entre Warriors y Grizzlies

Unpredictable series between Warriors and Grizzlies

Ja Morant was right when at the end of Game 2 versus the Golden State Warriors and after putting the 1-1 draw in the series, had this to say to Curry: "You and I are going to have fun"....
Nikola Jokic, MVP de la NBA por segunda vez consecutiva

Who deserved the MVP?

Nikola Jokic has been awarded as the MVP of the season for the second consecutive time, which is a very difficult feat to achieve for most players. However, the prize has come along with some controversy, as there are...
Guerra de trincheras entre Bucks y Celtics

Trench war between Bucks and Celtics

The series between the Bucks and Celtics (1-1) is being a real battle between two candidates for the ring. Defenses have made the difference so far in these first two games and the adjustments towards the upcoming matches can...

The winners of the NBA Awards

At this time of the year, with the regular season over and already into the second round of the Playoffs, we already know the winners of the NBA Awards such as the Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of...
José Alvarado, un jugador que vive en las sombras

José Alvarado, a player that lives in the shadows

The player for the new Orleans Pelicans has become a nightmare for the point guards of the league. He comes from the shadows when you expect him the less in order to steal you the ball and force an...
Los Warriors dominan con el quinteto de la muerte

Warriors dominate with the starting five of death

The knockout between the Denver Nuggets and the Golden State Warriors, where the team from the Bay Area are up 2-0, has been the hatching of the squad from San Francisco, which even though they have struggled with injuries...


Marc Gasol se despide de la NBA

Marc Gasol’s NBA farewell

One of the soap operas of the year finally ends. Marc Gasol returns home to the Bàsquet Girona de LEB Oro (2nd Division). The player...

Vitolo propels Atlético

Resist to win

Atlético excite on their debut