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El Play-In, un acierto rotundo de la NBA

The Play-In, a resounding success for the NBA

The world of sports is very traditional and doesn’t normally accept many modifications, as they always cause a lot of controversy. But this is something that is slowly changing, as more and more modifications are being introduced in different sports. It...
Boston Celtics, la apisonadora de la NBA

Boston Celtics, the steamroller of the NBA

If you look up the definition of intractable in the dictionary, I can assure you that you will find these Boston Celtics. Every year in the NBA, it is said that the rival to beat that season is the...
Tres claves para la candidatura de Luka Dončić al MVP

Three key factors in Luka Dončić’s case for MVP

The NBA regular season is coming to an end and the final sprint that will decide the campaign's individual awards is underway. The MVP does not have a runaway winner with less than a month to play, but five...
Cam Thomas: un huracán reprimido

Cam Thomas: a supressed hurricane

Cam Thomas has started off the season in a spectacular state of form. Thw Brooklyn Nets' shooting-guard has scored over 30 points in three out of the four games he has played in this season and, despite his team...
¿Quién se llevará este año el MVP de la NBA?

Who will win this year’s NBA MVP?

The NBA season got underway on Wednesday 25 October. Very little time has passed, but we have already been able to see some glimpses of what the trend will be like for many teams and players. Once the 82...
Los nuevos Milwaukee Bucks ponen la mira en el anillo

The new look Milwaukee Bucks have their eyes on the ring

After winning the championship in the 2020-2021 season, the Milwaukee Bucks have remained as one of the most competitive teams in the eastern conference and the NBA as a whole during the regular season. However, their performance in the...
¿Pueden los Lakers competir por el anillo?

Can the Lakers compete for the ring?

With the recent signing of Christian Wood in a two-year deal worth 5.7 million dollars (the second season being a player option), the Lakers continue building a roster that covers most of the needs of a contender for the...
Tres estrellas en busca de una salida

Three stars searching for a way out

Once free agency is over, it is common for rosters around the league to noy be fully constructed. This year is no exception, but it seems like some of the most impactful trades that could happen (the ones that...
Victor Wembanyama y la necesidad del "ya os lo dije"

Victor Wembanyama and the need to say “I told you so”

Today's society is characterised by over-analysis on social networks, exaggerated hype and the need to create idols and generational talents at the drop of a hat. Every year, we can find the "next big thing", not only in basketball,...
Oklahoma City Thunder: un futuro brillante

Oklahoma City Thunder: a bright future

In the summer of 2019, the Oklahoma City Thunder watched their core disassemble after trading Paul George to the Clippers and Russell Westbrook (who might be the most emblematic player in the history of the franchise) to the Houston...


The circus that we all pay for

The season has just begun and we already have a huge mess to face between the different organizations that run football due to an...
Marc Gasol se despide de la NBA

Marc Gasol’s NBA farewell


Vitolo propels Atlético