Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Final Copa del Rey 2022 entre Betis y Valencia

Night of ‘cups’

La Cartuja will be a party tonight. Despite Real Betis playing in their city, whoever wins will top off a long season that will be remembered for the ages. The illusion that brings the Spanish Cup when Real Madrid...
El Villarreal en un encuentro de Champions League

Villarreal are capable of the unpredictable

Football occupies such a nice as well as unpredictable scenario. Their actors are capable of going against any kind of logic. This is where Villarreal comes up, as they are the main character of this phenomenon this season. They...
El Madrid acusa el cansancio ante la falta de rotación de Ancelotti

The risks of Ancelotti

Ancelotti needed only a month to show that his roster is formed by only 14 players. Yes indeed, this management of the season has worked out great for six months. The momentum couldn't have been better: Vinicius exploded his...
El Barça negocia la renovación de Araujo

The future of Barça is at home

The season of Barça is not over yet, but the club has already started to plan on the next transfer market. The list of names is already on the table and signing cheap is a priority for Barcelona. Since...
Javier Aguirre, nuevo entrenador del Mallorca

Mallorca and the survival instinct

Relegation is the biggest afraid for a modest team, since it is always a threat every season except for a surprise. The sport failure involves many parts and so everyone tries his best to avoid it. In fact, sometimes...
El efecto Xavi

Xavi’s effect

The Xavi's effect is a state of euphoria that Barça have been experiencing since the arrival of the ir new coach only four months ago. It is about a feeling of relief for recovering the lost identity in the...
El Clásico, oportunidad de sentencia y barómetro de mejora

El Clásico, chance to top off and barometer of improvement

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona meet each other tonight at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in 'El Clásico' of Spanish football and also worldwide where all the stars face each other off. The 'Whites' have the opportunity to put the title...
Real Betis, momento de fortaleza

Strength moment

Pellegrini's Betis are already aware of toughness that the last quarter of the season is for those teams that are still alive in all the three competitions. Happiness was all around until now in fans and players at the...
El Atlético encuentra la fórmula

Atlético find the formula

Atlético de Madrid have woken up right on time to save the season. The team led by Simeone has been able to get back on track after their painful lost to Levante a few weeks ago and the Argentinian...
El Cádiz y su afición

Fall with honor

Who would have thought at the 'Tacita de Plata' that Cádiz would experience such as sport and institutional sway only 10 months after staying in LaLiga with efficiency? Maybe the only aspect that could be predicted was the increase...


La Liga as it stands now. How will it finish?

Football has been suspended until the Spanish government ends the current lockdown status and competitions can be back to normal as soon as Coronavirus...
Yeremi Pino celebra un gol con el Villarreal

Canarian art at La Cerámica

Portada Messi se queda en el Barça. ELXIIDEAL

Official: Messi stays at Barça