The tough fall of Real Madrid against Manchester City in the Champions League has exposed the deficiencies in their roster. Both the fans and the media have asked for a generational change and some have blamed coach Carlo Ancelotti and Karim Benzema for the disaster. However, in this article, I will not look for guilty, but instead for solutions.

Ancelotti’s stay at Real Madrid:

The first unknown towards planning next season is the stay or not of Ancelotti. It is true that Real Madrid have not competed for LaLiga title, which is the regularity competition, but the Italian has lifted the Spanish Cup, which gives him some credit despite not being the most important trophy.

Ancelotti has already talked about his future and he has assured that he will stay at Real Madrid until they kick him out. In addition, he has a fantastic relationship with his players and so he has created a very united squad, which is why he should stay.

The veterans’ contract extensions at Real Madrid:

Another key question is what should happen with the veterans. When a team such Real Madrid is knocked out this way, there is usually too unfair conclusions on players that have either a bad day or a bad season, like it is the case of Benzema.

The Frenchman has not had a good season, but taking into account his age, it is impossible that we can see his best level ever again. Yes indeed, he must increase his level towards next season. Some media have posted that the club is working on signing another striker to give him some rest once in awhile.

Regarding to Kroos and Modric, their contract extensions seem agreed, but their playing time should decrease next season.

Areas to strengthen at Real Madrid and exits:

On the other hand, the squad’s weakest areas are the full backs. Real Madrid have been playing during all this final stage of the season with Camavinga as a left back and with a Carvajal on the right side that has not performed his best. All of this taking into account that the other options are Mendy, who is usually injured, or Alaba, who barely plays in that position, and Lucas Vázquez on the right side.

Odriozola and Mendy should leave this summer. In the case of the Frenchman, not because of his level, but because Real Madrid need a healthy full back. As a result, they should at least look for an addition on the right side in the coming transfer market, as Fran García is expected to join in on the left one.

The midfield seems to be one of the most covered areas. The arrival of Bellingham to Real Madrid seems to be very close to take place, as journalists like Fabrizio Romano have reported. Kroos and Modrić will extend their contracts and so Camavinga, Valverde and Tchouaméni will also stay. Ceballos is expected to leave this summer, but we will see about that.

Regarding to the forward area, Real Madrid count on Vinicius Jr for the left wing plus Rodrygo and Asensio for the right one and Benzema as the striker. Asensio is expected to renew, but they must look for exists for Mariano and Edén Hazard and sign another striker that can allow Benzema to get some rest.

It is important that, if Ancelotti stays, he takes into account the physical shape from players like Kroos, Modrić and Benzema. Players like Tchouaméni and Rodrygo must increase their role both regarding playing time and level. Bellingham should be a key piece and Vinicius must keep being the main offensive thread of the team.

Real Madrid will get back to compete for everything as far as they have a longer squad with an improved second unit, which has been the main cause for them to leave the battle for LaLiga title too early.

These kind of decisions are not made from overnight. You must keep calm and remember everything that Benzema, Modrić and Kroos have done for the club.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @realmadrid.

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