Abde must stay at FC Barcelona next season. He has experienced progressed rapidly during his year on loan at Osasuna, despite not always being a starter. Jagoba Arrasate has given him 1.663 minutes this season between 31 games, 25 in LaLiga and six Spanish Cups. That quantity of minutes results in 18.47 games played and the Moroccan has scored six goals and given two assists.

Even though he still needs to improve on some aspects, Abdessamad Ezzalzouli is ready to be part of Barça’s first team, obviously, on a rotation role, in order to add that dribbling capacity that Barça have lacked of this season due to several injuries on key players.

It is fair to remind you that he already played 690 minutes with Barça’s first team last season and he impressed the crowd, even though he did so in a less demanding and competitive context.

His football growth has not gone unnoticed to the big European clubs and so there are already several teams that are trying to sign him. In fact, according to the last reports, Leeds United are thinking about submitting a 40 million euros bid for him.

FC Barcelona have not either ignored his improvement after his season at Osasuna and they know him well. However, they still meditate his exit of the club because they consider him a very attractive player for the market, as he could be either a great source of income or to be included in a trade in order to make it cheaper.

Abde is not a priority sale for Barça, but they will not keep him neither if they find a very beneficial scenario if a good bid came for the club.

Barça must meditate if letting such a talented player go is the best idea. There are other players in the roster such as Ferran Torres or Ansu Fati that have been given multiple opportunities and have not performed their best due to different circumstances.

However, Abde’s playing style is uncommon for both the market and Barça. They must plan on next season the best way, as the demanding will be too high, but it is not a good call to make it without the Moroccan player.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @Osasuna.

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