“There is always time to go, even if there is not place to go”, said once Tennessee Williams (1911-1983) on the inevitability of the passage of time. This quote is linked to one of the biggest truths in life: sooner or later we see ourselves forced to leave either somewhere, a situation or life itself. We are always passing through. And that is excatly what leBron James is going through right now.

This quote can certainly be linked to sports, where the main characters experience a roller coaster of performing, physical and mental shape during their careers. But in the end, al of them reach the time to retire, even the biggest of all times. Nothing lasts forever.

This is the situation that one of the best (the best for many) basketball player of all times, LeBron James, is going through. The small forward from Akron (Ohio) complied his 20th season in the NBA with a bittersweet ending. His team, the Lakers, after an unthinkable comeback in the regular season, was swept to the Denver Nuggets in the Western conference Finals.

The team led by Nikola Jokic beat the Lakers and so LeBron lost his second Conference Finals of his career. The first and only one up to today was against Dwight Howard’s Orlando Magic back in the 2008-2009 season. In the rest of participations in the Conference Finals (12 times), the 38 years old small forward always reached the NBA Finals.

This defeat has been a tough one for the four times MVP and he left an uncertain message the press conference after the game when he was asked on his future: “We will see what happens down the road. I do not know. I have a lot to think about. Only personally going forward in basketball, I have a lot to think about”, he said.

“We will see what happens down the road. I have a lot to think about”

LeBron James in the press conference after falling to the Denver Nuggets

Is it possible his retirement?

It is clear that ‘The Chosen One’ has nothing to prove in the NBA anymore, but his statement was surprising. ‘The King’ has always shown a great enthusiasm for playing along with his kid, Bronny James. Bronny, who has decided to commit to the University of Southern California, is projected to be among the Top 10 pick for the 2024 Draft, according to the prediction from ESPN.

In order to accomplish that unprecedented goal in the history of the league, James would have to stay in the elite for at least two more seasons. However, that is a possible option contract wise, as the small forward has signed for next season with an option to play for the 2024-2025 season, which is the year where Bronny could make his debut in the league. However, it all seems that could change after this defeat.

If LeBron decides to retire this season, it will be a tough call for basketball fans, who would lose one of their main attractions in life. A legend, a chosen one, a social icon, a hero, a myth would leave. However, as the headline of this article stands for, the passage of time is inevitable at the same time as shaking, because it is also progress, but also leaving loved situations behind.

Whatever his decision is, for all basketball lovers, just as Mexican singer Vicente Fernández said, LeBron James will still be the king until he makes the decision to end his legendary trajectory in basketball.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @Lakers.

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