Barça are the new LaLiga champions. A very needed title both for Xavi’s program stability and so the club’s economic. A trophy that symbolizes the annual regularity and that Barça had not won for the last four seasons. And a title that, from my point of view, is as important as the Champions League and even more difficult to lift, despite it gets less credit. I want to congratulate all Barça fans for being the best team of the season in Spain.

In this article, I do not want to take merit away from Barça, as many might think by reading the headline. Certainly, they are the fair champions. Neither I want to stand out that much the poor season from both Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid.

Sure I look to stand out the way they have won this LaLiga title, as they seem odd and unprecedented recently, from a club that has defended an opposite style to the one they have won with. It is what it is.

I do not think that it is too crazy to say that Barça have won one of the less brilliant leagues, at least that I can remember. Also one of the most needed ones. Yes indeed, I am sure that it will be one of the less remembered ones in the long term, apart from the fact that it is Xavi’s first main title as a head coach. Maybe that might be the only reason why it will stick to our minds. I can’t find any other.

If you ask me to summary the main key for Barça to win this LaLiga title, I have it clear: defensive strength.

Barça have lifted this trophy by earning clean sheets constantly, as their playing level has been too slow and predictable when they have been unable to count on their main pieces offensively such as Pedri, Frenkie de Jong and Dembélé.

To be more accurate, Barça have earned a clean sheet in 25 LaLiga games this season (Ter Stegen has only conceded 13 goals so far), and they have won this title based on a short lead (1-0) as their final score in 11 games. Pure 1-0, just like Cholo Simeone.

I want to defend the way Barça have won this title, from the defensive perspective. A serious, solid, compact, well-worked, organized and solidary squad. All in all, a TEAM.

A team that, aware of their persistent lacks in their playing, has prioritized the foundation of any collective success in such a long championship. Defense. I will not get tired of saying this. Victories in football are built from backwards, and this can also be applied to Barça.

Barça have won a league that, apart from the goals by Lewandoswki (21), there are other names such as Ter Stegen Araújo, koundé, Christensen or Balde. Barça have won an ugly, but effective championship. Who could have thought it.

I am very happy that Barça have won the title through an opposite style to their DNA. I am very happy that Xavi too, conscious or unconsciously, has set above the outcome to the style. In the end, in football is about the first thing.

“I wish we won every game 1-0”, he said the day that he put the title away by beating an Atlético de Madrid that, precisely, is the team that traditionally has won the most games by this difference. A score that, from my point of view, reflects perfectly the maximum of a gam that. before a show, is a competition: to score one more goal than your opponent and dominate the boxes.

Barça have won LaLiga for being the most regular squad and the one who has made the less mistakes. Barça (Xavi’s) have won the most possible ‘Cholista’ LaLiga title, the 1-0 league. And it is worth the same.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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