It has been ten years since Cholo Simeone became the head coach of Atlético de Madrid. Ten years of the revival of an entity, ten years full of successes, ten years of passion, ten years of heart and courage.

A whole decade of effort and hard work to change the history of a club, make the people believe again and conquer what seemed impossible. Ten years of leadership where being a champions has not only been a goal, but also an attitude.

Cholo Simeone rebuilt a sunk team and at the edge of relegation to make it fly to Bucharest and then Monaco to lift the Europa League and the European Super Cup in just eight months. Cholo believed that a final at the Bernabéu was the ideal scenario to end with a 14 years curse without beating Real Madrid and he did.

Cholo Simeone believed in the prize of effort and with a life motto that has already become universal conquered LaLiga title 18 years later by beating those who seemed invincible until that moment: “We realized that our strength was in that ‘game by game’ that will be historical”, he announced through the journey of the champion.

Cholo beat Barcelona and Chelsea to reach the final in the return of the club to the Champions League: “I want to thank the mothers of my players for giving them such big balls”, he said after the heroic win at Stamford Bridge. He touch the sky with his finger in Lisbon and cruelty knocked him in the 93 minute.

However, very far from giving up, he turned the exceptional into an usual and consolidated Atlético among the best teams of Europe in a record time while players that were by when were revalued both tactically and mentally.

Cholo stood up and returned to the final, but the outcome did not change. Destiny did not want to give him what he looked for and deserved so much, but the toughest knock of his career did not either make him forget everything that he had achieved and obviously he did not stop believing.

The Calderón, right before its farewell and a new fall in the Champions League against their executioner, raised a message that fits in with the club and its spiritual guide’s philosophy: “I fight and I stand up”. The exponencial growth on the field turned into the build of the Wand Metropolitano Stadium and the definitive jump to the elite.

Cholo continued his path and repeated the feat that no other team in Spain has pulled off in the last fifteen years: to snatch away another league title to the two biggest clubs to which Atlético have even themselves under coach Simeone.

Cholo has changed the history of Atlético de Madrid. He is the coach with the most wins in the history of the club; he is the coach with the most titles and the one who has lifted one in the shortest time; he is the only coached who has qualified Atlético for the Champions League in nine years in a row; he is the person who has won the last three leagues of the club.

Cholo is the driving of a movement that is based of “another way of living”. Cholo is Atlético de Madrid.

Main image: José Manuel Calviño.

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