There is a trend in modern football that I would call harmful. To “play beautiful” by imposition, which does not necessarily mean well; to practice what the delicates of this sport demand as if every team was capable of providing a nice style to the show. Moonshine of those who just watch two games per fixture.

Fortunately, Cervera is out of this inflicted censure in order to steal points from the powerful teams and break with the stablished rule. Cádiz play ugly, which does not mean bad.

The resistance exercise carried out by Cádiz last Sunday at the Bernabéu annoyed all those delicates who actually believed that Cervera’s team was committing a crime for locking themselves on the box the entire game, as if no other coaches with way better squads had not done this before, as if football could only be played one way.

Cervera, who is the responsable for taking Cádiz all the way from the third division to playing at the Bernabéu knows perfectly what to do. He is aware of the fact that he has one of the worst rosters of the league and so the only possible way is to play ugly. He knows that this is the only way to survive in the jungle of possession and attractive playing style (for those who can). He knows that achieving the goal of avoiding relegation is only possible through this idea despite all the critics he gets.

“We know that this is played with a ball, but we also know where we are at”

Cervera on the post game press conference against Real Madrid

I truly respect all those teams like Real Madrid that display an offensive, attractive and fast football full of top quality actions. in fact, I love that football. However, I appreciate the same or even more to those that are able to make the most out of their few resources, resist and compete against the big fishes.

This is a method that Cervera has used to coach in the elite just as Bordalás to take Getafe to Europe or Cholo Simeone to level up Atlético to those teams who seemed untouchable. And how beautiful is football when those who are supposed to win do not do so.

“We make mistakes when we do things that we are not able to do”

Cervera on the post game press conference against Real Madrid

I do not think I need to emphasize how much I admire Cervera on and off the field. On because he is aware of his team’s limitations and out for admitting them and not apologizing for it. I also want to applaud Carlo Ancelotti for not being part of that trend of an only style accepted and for defending his mate.

Paradoxically, football is also played without the ball and Cádiz (Cervera) know(s) that they have more chances to succeed without it.

Main image: Twitter @Cadiz_CF.

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