Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will face off next Saturday at 9pm at the Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium. The game that stops the world and that can potentially make the difference in the race for LaLiga title. ‘El clásico’ has always been a mythical duel between two of the biggest football clubs in the planet. The meets between ‘Merengues’ and ‘Culés’ always leave unforgettable moments and at ELXIIDEAL we have collected our favorite ‘Clásico’ before the next one comes up.

You can also vote in our Instagram ‘El Clásico’ that you remember the most and on Friday we will dedicate a space for the most voted one in order to complete a ‘top 5’ of the favorite matchup between these two clubs. Let´s do it!

A blowout for the ages

The most voted ‘Clásico’ by the audience. 4/9/2021

Barça players celebrate the historical 2-6 at the Bernabéu.

Our followers have spoken up about their favorite ‘Clásico’ and here we bring it to you. After a week where we have been remembering our best ‘Clásicos’ ahead of the game between Real Madrid and Barcelona this weekend, we are going to wrap up with the historical win by Barcelona (2-6) at the Santiago Bernabéu on May 2nd 2009 that secured LaLiga title for the ‘Blaugranas’.

Despite leading the table for the entire season, Barcelona went through a negative streak at the end of the campaign that made them to travel to the Bernabéu only four points above Real Madrid, which made the game a key one in the race for the title. Moreover, the match took place just three days before Barcelona played against Chelsea in Stamford Bridge the second leg of the Champions League semifinals where Iniesta scored in the last minute to lead his team to the final.

Barcelona made an exhibition at their biggest rival´s pitch, as Real Madrid spent the entire game chasing the ball. Higuaín´s 1-0 was just a an illusion of the avalanche that real was about to get. Henry just needed three minutes to score the equalizer thanks to an astonishing pass by Messi.

The second one came from a free kick where Xavi crossed and Puyol headed into the net after Piqué dragged the entire defense towards him. A great play that Barcelona had been working on the previous week and that eventually worked out. The captain kissed his bracelet to celebrate. All the goals that came up later where either thanks to Barcelona´s fast ball movement or because of Real Madrid mistakes in dangerous areas, like Diarra´s ball loss on his half that Xavi stole and Messi took to score the third. Ramos 2-3 after the break was just an anecdote.

Xavi provided us with a show of passes towards defenders´backs that always found Barcelona´s strikers. Real´s defensive line were too high and Henry found their back once again to put the game away. The last thirty minutes were just a huge ‘rondo’ all around the field where Barça increased their lead with another assist by Xavi to Messi and the last goal by Piqué that he celebrated by showing his jersey to the Bernabéu crowd. Barcelona proved that day that they were the best team in the world at that moment and put themselves on the track towards a magic year where they won six titles.

When magic united two rivals:

Rafael Berrezueta Palacios. 4/8/2021

Ronaldinho and Eto’o celebrate the third goal of the game

Someone said once that football is the most important thing of the less important ones. The truth tis that the rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona make their fans to become total enemies between both crowds. The feeling that it brings reaches the main characters themselves: fights, insults… Emotions come along with every ‘Clásico’.

There was an exception on November 19th 2005. Barça humiliated ‘The Whites’ on that day and at their own home (0-3). The game was a total football lesson all the way through by Frank Rijkaard´s squad. In addition, this was the first time Messi played a ‘Clásico’, and he did it as a starter. However, and despite his great performance, Ronaldinho Gaúcho earned all the spotlights on him.

The Brazilian scored a brace after Samuel Eto’o´s made the first one and both of them were beautiful. Edmílson himself, which was also a starter, remembered it on an interview to ESPN: “The third goal was incredible, he leaves his rivals behind as if they were nothing. He overcame Ramos, Helguera and Casillas very easily. All of these was just through his body movement, he did not even have to dribble with the ball”, he said.

Humans have attributed inexplicable happenings to magic. I believe that at that ‘Clásico’ we all witnessed the tricks by the best magician in history. A magician who smiled with the ball on his feet. Someone who decided to enjoy life his own way and who chose to show us his magic for a short time.

That 19th of November, after ‘Dinho’ ´s second goal, the entire Santiago Bernabéu crowd stood up to applaud him along with all Barcelona fans and football lovers overall. It was then when magic united two rivals.

The last guard of honor:

José Manuel Calviño. 5/7/2021

FC Barcelona makes a guard of honor to Real Madrid after winning LaLiga in the previous fixture. Goal

May 4th 2008. Real Madrid visited ‘El Sadar’ and were only a win away from conquering LaLiga´s title. The winning goals came at the end after a very intense match. Osasuna opened up the scoreboard in the 85th minute, but The Whites were able to complete a quick comeback thanks to Robben (88′) and Higuaín (90′) ´s goals and certified their victory in the 35th fixture.

‘El Clásico’ took place three days later. Madrid´s win in Pamplona not only gave them the tile, but that their biggest rival would pay tribute to them right in front of the Bernabéu fans. A picture for the ages. Sad for us, this would now not happen between these two clubs, as they are unable to make a simple gesture of recognition.

But the game was not just about the guard of honor. The home team´s superiority during the entire 90 minutes left us the last hammering win by Real Madrid against Barcelona. Raúl scored the first goal in the 12th minute with an excellent shot from right outside the box and Robben made the second one in the 8th. This way, the game was put away in the 20th. Second half was more of the same: constant attacks by Madrid. Schuster´s players did not stop creating danger and Higuaín and Van Nistelrooy socred the 3rd and the 4th. Henry scored the only goal for Barcelona three minutes before the end.

Madrid´s dominance was huge and even Xavi admitted in an interview to Fiebre Maldini that the defeat could have been even worse. “I did not have a hard time because of the guard of honor, that is just a matter of respect, but because of the 90 minutes´suffering. it could have ended up on a 6-1 or 7-1”, he said. The Bernabéu had its night. Nobody was aware of the fact that the opposite episode would take place the year after.

“Calm down, calm down”. The day that Cristiano Ronaldo put the league of the 100 points away:

Manuel Aguayo. 4/6/2021.

The iconic “calm down, calm down” celebration after scoring the final 1-2 at the Camp Nou.

April 21st, 2012. Cristiano Ronaldo put both a ‘Clásico’ and LaLiga on that day. There were only five games left and Mourinho´s squad were on top by four points. The Whites opened the scoreboard with a goal by Khedira on the 17th minute and Alexis Sánchez made the equalizer in the 70th. However, Real Madrid went up to look for the victory and they found it thanks to a goal by Cristiano after an excellent assist by Özil.

We must remind you that right before the start of that season took place one of the saddest images of ‘El Clásico’, when José Mourinho put his finger on Tito Villanova´s eye. The ‘Clásicos’ mostly turned into a fight with the Portuguese on the bench and the pressure was really high. That game had an unforgettable celebration as well.

“Calm down, calm down”. That is the way Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated the winner goal. “El bicho” came to the rescue after a game that was getting complicated for Real Madrid. A celebration that silenced the Camp Nou. Cristiano led the team when they needed him the most. An epic night for Real Madrid fans.

The day that Messi silenced the Bernabéu:

Guillermo Bermejo. 4/5/2021.

Messi shows his jersey to the Bernabéu after scoring a last-minute winner
Messi shows his jersey to the Bernabéu after scoring a last-minute winner.

On April 23rd 2017 Messi led Barça into the battle for the title thanks to a goal at the end of the end, literally in the last second, that made it up for the final 2-3 score for Barcelona in a crazy match. Luis Enrique´s squad put themselves ahead on the scoreboard twice, but Madrid equalized it both times.

Messi had an outstanding performance once again at his biggest rival´s stadium and Madrid only managed to stop him with faults. Casemiro should have been sent off due to two tackles in the first half, but he stayed on the pitch. His countryman Marcelo made Messi bleed due to a poke. Casemiro scored the first goal, but Messi got the equalizer through an excellent cut inside the box. Barça took the lead thanks to a shot by Rakitic with his left foot and Zidane´s team was left with 10 men, as Ramos saw the red card after a tackle on the Argentinian. However, the Whites managed to tight it up with a goal by James in the last few minutes.

The game was condemned to a draw, which was an excellent result for Madrid, as that way they would keep their lead on top towards Barcelona, but Messi saved a ‘matchball’ for his team. Sergi Roberto made an astonishing run and Marcelo did not fault him, André Gomes got the ball on the left, gave it to Jordi Alba and the left back connected with Messi so he would send it in and silence the entire Bernabéu.

Then it came the epic celebration where the ’10’ took off his jersey and showed it to the whole stadium. An unforgettable moment for all of us that consider Messi the best player in history.

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