Every contract extension for Ramos gets stuck for one or another reason. It is a classic. A presumed offer by Manchester United in 2015. Another one from China in 2019 and his contradictory press conference afterwards where he said that he would play for Real Madrid for free. Come on, let´s be serious. In the end, each party looks for their interest and both stands are licit.

Sergio Ramos will turn 35 in March and wants a two-year contract extension with the same salary. On the other hand Madrid, which do not renew any contract for more than a season for any player above 30 years old, do not share those intentions. Their idea is to give him a year, and I am saying “the idea” because, according to Manolo Lama on El Partidazo de Cope radio program this week, Real Madrid have not given him any offer yet officially. In fact, Ramos himself texted him live in order to confirm that. There have certainly been conversations between president Florentino and Ramos at the Valdebebas´practice facilities, but there is not any paper with a real offer.

Madrid want Ramos to stay (even though there is not a paper that stands that yet) and Ramos wants to stay as well. The problem is that Madrid, apart from the economical issues due to the pandemic, and despite Ramos´current excellent shape, want to be cautious about his age, though Ramos is a symbol and a legend in the club. On the other side, Ramos and his brother René, who is also his agent, since they are both aware of the fact that this could be his last big contract of his career, at least in Europe, believe that he deserves a two-year contract extension based on his high level and everything that he has given to the club these last 15 years.

Both thoughts make sense, but the ways are not right. Why have Real Madrid not given Ramos an official offer? Why have there only been informal conversations if both of them want to stay the same next year? There are some things that I simply do not get. Why do not Real Madrid offer him one more year, and an option for an extra one if Ramos plays, for example, 60% of the games from next season? This way they would make sure that the player is in shape and that second year that Ramos is demanding would totally rely on him. Just as Mourinho said once, I do not understand why.

On the other hand, the club is already thinking in the long term and looking for potential signs on defense like Alaba, who will also end his contract with Bayern next summer and will not extend it, and Pau Torres, the Spanish National Team present and future central defender. Best aspect from Alaba, apart from his age (he is seven years younger than Ramos) is his polyvalence. He can both play as a central defender and as a left back, a position where Real Madrid need to strengthen themselves, as Marcelo is in his last years and Mendy can barely make a pass. Pau Torres is the other option, Ramos defender mate for Spain and one of the best at his position in LaLiga. He has the passing ability from Piqué and the header from Ramos. A sign for a decade.

All in all, if both parties want to reach an agreement, someone has to give in. Does it make it up for Real Madrid to renew Ramos for two years? It is a risk for me. Does Ramos deserve to renew for two years? Definitely, he has done a lot for the club. So, what should they do? The best possible solution for me is Madrid to offer one year plus an option for a second one depending on the quantity of games he gets to play. This would be a good deal for both of them and would be fair. Now, offers are given in paper in order to be signed, as words are faded away.

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