Karl Darlow signed with Newcastle United in 2015 to be the third keeper at St James´ Park. The goal belonged to Tim Krul by then. However, their relegation to the Championship for the 2016-2017 season forced the ‘magpies’ to sell the Dutch goalie. This way, the club acquired Matz Sels in order to substitute him and become the starter. Nothing could be further than the truth and the Belgian barely played nine matches. Rafa Benítez gave an opportunity to Darlow and he did not disappoint. In fact, he earned the starter status.

The English man was a key player in the season where they went up back to the Premier League, but Robert Elliot wore the number 1 jersey the year after and took over the goal more often. Furthermore, Martin Dúbravka arrived in the winter transfer market and became an important part of the team quickly. His performance level was exceptional since then and anyone can say that he has given Newcastle a lot of points. In fact, he had played all Premier League fixtures until this season.

The injury that the Slovak player suffered before the new season start gave Darlow another chance. Once again, the English man has showed a very high level. He has saved the club several times in the last few months, the game against Tottenham as an example. His multiple saves allowed the ‘magpies’ to earn a draw. At the same time, Karl Darlow´s performance has been fantastic in every game he has played, which has created a debate among the fans: Dúbravka and Darlow… Should the English man keep being the starter or should Dúbravka take over the goal?

Steve Bruce does not seem to be concerned about the situation. In fact, he is excited about his two goalkeepers´level. The Slovak returned to action on January 9th against Arsenal and since then the English coach will have to leave an excellent keeper on the bench, whoever that is. Dúbravka and Darlow are on a perfect age for their rol (30 and 31 years old), and it would not be surprising that any of them look to sign for another club. They both have the level to be potential starters for most Premier League teams or even be the second keeper for a big club.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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