Harden to the Nets:

The trade has been a rumor throughout the entire market and it has finally been sealed. The Houston Rockets decided to put him apart from the team until an agreement is reached after his postgame press conference against the Lakers. 76ers and the Nets where the main candidates to acquire ‘The Beard’, but the shooting guard ends up heading to Brooklyn.

The trade will affect several franchises and teams, and this is how it looks like by now:

To the Nets: James Harden.

To the Rockets: Victor Oladipo, Dante Exum, Rodions Kurucs, 3 BKN first rounds (22, 24, 26), 1 MIL first round (22, unprotected), 4 BKN 1st exchange for picks (21, 23, 25, 27).

To the Pacers: Caris LeVert and a second round.

To the Cavaliers: Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince.

12/20/2020: Contract extensions keep taking place

Rudy Gobert: the highest center´s salary in history

The latest on the NBA market before the start of the new season. The frenchman has extended his contract with the Utah Jazz and he now becomes the center with the highest salary in history. He will stay in Utah for the next 5 years and 205 million dollars. This is a too high contract that could maybe be toxic for the rest of the team, as it has happened with other players before.

Kyle Kuzma for longer:

The Lakers have renewed Kyle Kuzma for 3 seasons and 40 million dollars. This contract extension has been a surprise for many, as there have been several rumors and jokes on his exit throughout his time at the Californian franchise. Kuzma is an irregular player but he always has decent numbers in the end.

12/16/2020: The most expensive renewal in history

It is what you just read. Giannis Antetokounmpo has made history in the NBA. After winning the MVP and the DPOY last season, the Bucks have extended his contract for 5 seasons and 228,2 million dollars. This way, the franchises secures their star and will count on him for a long time.

12/11/2020: Renewal at Los Angeles Clippers

The NBA market does not stop. The Clippers have renewed Paul George for 5 seasons and 226 million dollars. Moreover, the small forward will have a new Player Option in the 24/25 season. This is a risky contract extension, as the player created a lot of expectations in the franchise, but he has not showed his best level so far, not even in the Playoffs.

12/03/2020: Christmas comes earlier at Lakers

OFFICIAL: Davis extends his contract

It was a well known secret at the NBA market. Anthony Davis has renewed his contract with the Lakers for 5 seasons and 190 million dollars. The player decided to become a free agent in order to obtain a contract extension offer at a higher price. After a few uncertainty days for the Lakers fans, as anything can happen in the NBA, they can finally breath: “The Brow” is staying.

12/02/2020: December starts strong:

Russell Westbrook a Washington, John Wall a Houston:

December starts strong. The trade was already a rumor when the fact that the Rockets´point guard and ex from OKC asked to the franchise from Texas was leaked, but negotiations were stopped. Now it has finally been confirmed: Westbrook heads to the Washington Wizards in exchange for John Wall and a first round pick for the 2023 draft.

This is a trade where we can´t really tell which team earns more, as both players have a great level but have not performed their best recently. We will see if this change of franchise feels good to them. Houston keep rebuilding their squad. Now we still need to know if Harden will follow his friend´s steps or unlike he will stay at the Rockets.

Lakers renew LeBron James:

The King is staying. The current NBA Champions have extended their star´s contract, LeBron James. The small forward renews with the Lakers for 2 years and 85 million dollars (the maximum). This way, the franchise keep the best player of the league until 20203. Now the eyes are on Anthony Davis, whose renewal is not done yet but expected to be official in the next few days.

11/25/2020: End of the soap: Bogdánovic joins the Atalanta Hawks:

NBA market keeps surprising us: Bogdan Bogdánovic´s sign for the Milwaukee Bucks was almost sealed, but the player backed out and stuck to his contract, which stated that the Serbian and the Sacramento Kings had to reach an agreement for a potential trade. Bogdánovic became a free agent and received several offers, but he ended up choosing the Atalanta Hawks´one. The shooting guard will play for Atalanta for 4 seasons and 72 million dollars. This is a great addition for the franchise from Georgia, which are building a strong team with players like Rondo or Gallinari coming in.

11/23/2020: The Rockets have their center:

In an NBA market where rumors are all around Harden and Westbrook´s exits, the Rockets have signed DeMarcus Cousins for a season (not guaranteed). The center comes as a free agent, as he was cut by the LA Clippers due to an injury. Houston really needed a center after Clint Capela´s exit, and this year has proved that the ‘small ball’ wins games but not seasons. Anyway they also face the fact that other players like Jef Green (to the Nets) or Austin Rivers (to the Knicks) could have given a lot coming in from the bench.

11/22/2020: Contract extensions and huge trade:

Marc Gasol to the LA Lakers:

Trade of the day in the NBA market. The Spanish follows his brother´s steps and signs for the Lakers, which a few hours earlier sent McGee to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Marc´s exit from the Raptors was a well known secret and teams like the Lakers, Clippers and Warriors were interested in purchasing him. Finally we will see the youngest from the Gasol Brothers play for the franchise where Pau Gasol won the ring in 2009. He comes to the Lakers for 2 seasons. What a team the Lakers are making.

The Hernángomez are the news:

The other Spanish family from the NBA have also be the news. Juancho extends his contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves for 3 more seasons and 21 million dollars. With Ricky Rubio´s addition this market, we will see a very interesting and promising Spanish duo. On the other hand, Willy is not a Hornet anymore, as he barely had any playing minutes, and he heads to the New Orleans Pelicans for a year under the minimum contract, but he will have to battle for the spot against their newest sign Steven Adams.

Important renewals:

Important players for their franchises have extended their contracts recently. First of all, the Utah Jazz keep Donovan Mitchell with a 5 year-contract and 163 million dollars (which could be 195 if he gets selected for the All-NBA Team). Jayson Tatum also extends his contract with the Boston Celtics for 5 seasons and 195 million dollars.

11/21/2020: Surprises´day:

Gordon Hayward chooses the Charlotte Hornets:

The NBA market keeps bringing trades constantly as the new season approaches. In this case, and even though the Hornets were not one of the main candidates to take the now explayer for the Boston, they have signed Gordon Hayward for 4 seasons and 120 million dollars. Michael Jordan´s franchise strengthened themselves with 3rd pick LaMelo Ball in the draft. Now they will have to trade some of their players in order to balance their salary limit; the first one to leave will be the Frenchman Batum.

Ibaka joins the LA Clippers:

With Montrezl Harrel leaving, the Clippers need a quality substitution. Serge Ibaka comes to the Clippers, which still have a lot to prove. The Spanish leaves the Raptors after 3 seasons and signs for the franchise from California for 2 seasons and 19 million dollars.

Atlanta Hawks keep rebuilding:

Trae Young asked for new players to come in order to form a competitive team and the franchise are working on it. After Gallinari´s arrival, the organization from Georgia have added Rajon Rondo, who became a free agent after winning the ring with the Lakers. The Point Guard joins Atlanta for 2 seasons and 15 million dollars.

Phoenix Suns sign Jae Crowder:

The explayer from the Heat heads to the Phoenix Suns, which have strengthened themselves with Chris Paul´s addition in exchange for Ricky Rubio (who then got traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves) and Kelly Oubre (who got traded to the Golden State Warriors). The goal is clear, to reach the Playoffs. The Small Forward joins the franchise from Arizona for 3 seasons and 3o millions dollars.

Contract extensions: Carmelo Anthony, Paul Millsap, VanVleet, Caldwell-Pope…

There are several players who have extended their contracts with their current franchises. Carmelo Anthony joined the Portland Trail Blazers last season, as he did not have any other team, and the organization from Oregon have renewed his for one more season, no economical numbers have been revealed yet. Another player to extend his contract is Paul Millsap, who will stay at the Denver Nuggets along with Campazzo for another season and 10 million dollars. Fred VanVleet also renews with the Toronto Raptors (despite the rumors about him leaving), for 4 seasons and 85 million dollars. The LA Lakers also seal Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for 4 seasons and 40 million dollars.

11/20/2020: Trades, trades and more trades

Rumors confirmed: Campazzo to Denver.

It was a well known secret that Point guard from Real Madrid would come to the NBA this market and Denver was the main candidate to sign him, even though Dallas Mavericks were also an option. Finally, the trade has been confirmed. Campazzo arrives to the Denver Nuggets for two seasons. Hopefully he can perform well along with Jamal Murray and Jokic.

Montrezl Harrel, de Clippers a Lakers:

The NBA Sixth Man winner from last season has changed of team, but he is not moving to another city. The player, who had issues with Doncic during the Playoffs, leaves the Clippers and joins the Lakers of Lebron and Davis in exchnage for 19 million dollars and two seasons.

Dwight Howard se marcha a Philadelphia:

Unexpected trade, as the Point Guard had announced on his Twitter that he was going to extend his contract with the Lakers, but he deleted it quickly. Now he is heading to the Philadelphia 76ers for a season. This way, they already have a substitution for Al Horford.

Gallinari flies to Atlanta:

The Italian was a free agent this market and he said that he would prioritize contenders over money, but it looks like he has changed his thoughts, as he is joining the Hawks for 61.5 million dollars and three seasons. A good addition for Atlanta, we will see if they keep strengthening themselves.

Contract extensions: Dragić, Beasley, Harris and Marcus Morris.

The market is not just about trades, contract extensions are also a key part of it. That is the case of Goran Dragić in Miami, who renews for 2 seasons and 37,4 million dollars. Minnesota Timberwolves Shooting Guard, Malik Beasley, also extends his contract for 4 more seasons and 60 million dollars.

The winner from the 2019 triples contest, Joe Harris, renews with the Nets for 4 more seasons in exchange for 75 million dollars. Marcus Morris does exactly the same at the Clippers, with a 64 million dollars contract extension.

11/19/2020: “Oklahoma City Picks

11/18/2020: New trades and surprises

Kelly Oubre heads to the Golden State Warriors:

OKC keep earning future draft picks in the market to build in the long term. They have traded Kelly Oubre, who has not even lasted three days at Oklahoma, as he is heading to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for a first round pick for next year. This is an important reinforcement for the franchise from San Francisco, as they will not have Klay Thompson due to a season-ending Achilles tear injury that has already been confirmed.

Susprise at Boston: Gordon Hayward declines his player option

The Small forward has turned down the offer by the franchise from Massachusetts. The Celtics had offered him a 34M dollars contract extension, but the ex from the Utah Jazz has declined it. This is a surprising decision, as injuries have been part of him during his time at Boston and this was not a bad offer at all. Atalanta Hawks, New York Nicks and Indiana Pacers are among his possible destinations.

11/18/20: New trades and surprises

Ricky Rubio returns home:

The Spanish Point Guard has not even lasted two days in Oklahoma. The market started with his trade to OKC and Ricky was not happy about it, which made total sense after the high level he has showed with the Suns. Thunders´rebuild, which looks like it is based on getting all the Draft picks, have got rid of the catalan in order to earn picks 25 and 28 from this Draft.

Ricky returns to Minnesota, the franchise that drafted him in 2009 in the fifth position, above players like Curry or DeRozan. Ricky is back home.


Al Horford to OKC, Danny Green to Philadelphia:

Oklahoma are the franchise that are making the most trades in this market. Danny Green, for whom they traded Schröder, heads to Philadelphia in exchange for Center Al Horford and two Draft picks. A great addition for OKC, but we will see if they do not trade him for more picks

Bogdanovic to Milwaukee is not sealed yet:

Woj reports that there has not been an agreement between both franchises and the Serbian Shooting Guard. It looked like the deal was done a couple of days ago, but everything points to the player becoming a free agent in order to look for new scenarios, probably searching for a more profitable contract.

Ariza departs to Detroit:

Another trade that lasts less than 72 hours. The Small Forward heads to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for a future first round Draft pick. This way, the texans can use their “mid-level exception” in the Free Agency to sing a player above the salary limit.

Moreover, the Rockets buy the 2º pick round from the Pistons (Lakers property) for 4,6 million dollars.

Mavericks – 76ers trade:

Seth Curry, Warriors´Point Guard brother, joins Philadelphia. In exchange, the Mavericks obtain josh Richardson and the 36 pick rights. Great reinforcement for the 76ers, who earn a great shooter.

11/16/2020: The market is open

Schroeder to Lakers, Danny Green to OKC:

The first trade of the NBA 2020 market was made between the current champions and the Oklahoma City Thunders. The German Dennis Schröder heads to California in exchange of the 28 pick from the first round of the Draft and Danny Green.

Chris Paul to the Suns, Ricky to OKC:

The first big trade of the market. Woj reported that Chris Paul is joining the Phoenix Suns along with Abdel Nader. The franchise from Oklahoma will get in exchange Ricky Rubio, Kelly Oubre, Ty Jerome, Jalen Lecque and a first round pick for the 2022 Draft.

This has been a trade that has brought a lot to discuss about. There are people who think that this is a fair trade and they are not wrong about it. It is a good deal for both franchises. OKC get some young players like Kelly Oubre plus they secure 17 first round picks until 2027, which proves their interest in building a team of young talents. Phoenix also add a veteran player like Chris Paul, but the most important fact is that Booker will stay at the Suns, ruling out the rumors about him leaving the franchise.

However, the transfer has not felt good to many, specially to Ricky Rubio, who arrived to Phoenix full of excitement aand was very comfortable at a team that almost made it to Playoffs last season. This is the way this sport works, players can even feel that they are treated as objects, as their opinions are not taking into consideration. The last Spanish that played for OKC was Abrines, who did not have a good career at the NBA. Hopefully Ricky can do better.

Restructuring at Milwaukee:

The franchise from Wisconsin will have Jrue Holiday and Bogdan Bogdanovic in their roster for next season. This way, they dispense with Bledsoe, George Hill and three first rounds of the Draft that go to the New Orleans Pelicans. Donte Divicenzo, Ilyasova and DJ Wilson are heading to the Sacramento Kings.

This is a big restructuring for the Bucks. They get rid of important players like Bledsoe, but reinforcements coming in will give a lot to the team, which is more than capable of surprising us next season.

Covington to Portland, Ariza returns to Houston:

The Rockets send Robert Covington to the Portland Trail blazers in exchange of Trevor Ariza and two more first round picks for the 2020 and 2021 Draft.

The franchise from Texas are in trouble, as James Harden to the Nets is just a matter of days and Westbrook has also requested a trade. Trevor Ariza returns to Houston, as he already played for them during the 2009/2010 season and from 2014 to 2018.

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