As the Lakers conquered their 17th NBA title, LeBron James has become the first player ever to win four MVP´S in the finals with three different teams, and he has joined Michael Jordan in the group of players who have earned four MVP´S in the finals overall. LeBron vs Jordan. Who you got?

Could LeBron snatch THE GOAT title away from Jordan?

Even though MJ has more rings that LeBron (6 and 4, respectively), they have not pulled that off under the same conditions. While Mike experienced two three-peats with the same team (the Chicago Bulls), `The Chosen One´ has succeeded in three different franchises (the Miami Heat, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers). Jordan led the Bulls from nothing to the highest, building a team around him and taking them to the Finals, always with rosters full of stars.

On the other hand, LeBron arrived in Cleveland and revolutionized a loser squad, guiding them to the 2007 Finals where the San Antonio Spurs swept them. The King´s ambition has always brought him to the peak, and that is the reason why he did not hesitate to leave his home in order to succeed in a winner team like Miami. Then he decided to return after earning two rings with the Heat so he could conquer the Larry O´Brien trophy with the Cavs, and he did. But as we said before, LeBron is a very ambitious guy and he decided to move to LA in order to put the Lakers franchise back to where they belong to as soon as he realized what the Cleveland were becoming into.

No doubt that chemistry is the key to lead a group of players, but Jordan and LeBron have used it on a very different way. There have been multiple players who have complained about the famous “Jordan Rules” that were mentioned in The Last Dance documentary. Many said that Michael was too strict; he even would insult his teammates if they did not perform properly. Instead, LeBron has always taken care of creating the best possible atmosphere among his squires, as he is known for being a nice guy who even learns the plays from the opponents, as DeRozan confessed once. Two different styles, the same goal: winning everything.

“I don’t think I have ever told anybody, it was a play we tried to run, a teammate forgot the play, and LeBron told him what the play was. It was crazy; it just showed how locked-in Bron can be during the playoffs”

DeRozan on LeBron reminding an opponent the play he was supposed to run.

It is hard to choose one of them, they are two iconic players that have marked two different generations, they are both basketball legacy. Even though he is 35 years old, LeBron still has enough gas in his tank to equalize MJ´s rings or even overcome him, but the “Air Jordan´s” legend will be everlasting. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section!


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