A Barça – Sevilla is always a very disputed match, or, at least, with multiple scoring chances in both boxes. Both teams looked to stay on the winning track. Sevilla, with coach Lopetegui from the stands, as he was suspended, went out with a very high pressure so Barça couldn´t take out the ball, but they were also able to fall back properly when Barça managed to progress.

On a very exciting start, the current Europa League Champions were the first ones to score thanks to De Jong. However, Coutinho made the equalizer right away. We had already witnessed 2 goals in 10 minutes. Minutes passed by and the game was very even, with both creating danger but respecting their rival as well. Sevilla focused on counterattacks, while Barça built their chances through long shots by Ansu Fati and Messi. In fact, Koeman´s squad were unable to play within the middle, as Sevilla closed every gap efficiently.

Pace in the second half slowed down. Sevilla started to save energies and became satisfied with a point. On the other side, Koeman wanted to put players in the middle, but they couldn´t turn their plays deeper in order to get to Bounou´s goal. Their lack of ideas, added to Sevilla´s excellent technical display stopped Messi from touching the ball. Actually, the development of the game left us with the feeling that Sevilla could have assault the Camp Nou, but they did not want to.

After two wins in a row against Villarreal and Celta, Barça did not shine for the first time under coach Koeman. But there are also things that never change, like Griezmann, who can´t find his role in the team. The French was once again substituted in the 60th minute after a very poor performance. Barça and Sevilla share points and will have to work on several aspects during the international break.


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