The NBA All-Star is always the most special event of the season. It is official that this year´s will take place in March 7th, but with a different outline than previous editions: Atalanta will host a single night All-Star that will have both the games and contests all at once, instead of an entire weekend celebration.

The event has already been criticized by two of its main stars, LeBron James y Giannis Antetokounmpo, who have both shown their dissatisfaction for not having neither their families and fans in the arena: “I have zero energy and zero excitement about an All-Star Game this year. “I don’t even understand why we’re having an All-Star Game”, he said. “I’m the same way. I’ve got zero energy, zero excitement. I really right now don’t care about the All-Star Game”, had to say Giannis Antetokounmpo about LeBron´s words.

Anyway, the NBA have confirmed that the All-Star game will be played and so they have opened the voting process in order for the players to have the All-Star recognition. You can vote via Twitter, website or the NBA app.

ELXIIDEAL´s editorial staff propose these two ‘Ideal Teams’:

East Conference:

Bradley Beal:

Washington Wizards´point guard is having his best season individually, which is the opposite to his team´s performing, the worse in the league. This year he has earned a more than deserved spot in the East Conference´s starting lineup.

James Harden:

“The Beard” was the most outstanding trade from the NBA Market with his move to the Nets, where he has formed a Big Three along with Durant and Irving. This way, they have now become candidates for the ring. Harden is the assists´s leader in the league (11,2 assists per game ). He still can get better at building chemistry with his new team and specially defensively, but Harden, no matter the franchise he is at, is an essential player for the All-Star.

Kevin Durant:

The Nets´leader can miss out on this event. He is the best player of his team and the one in charge to take them far. He can give a lot of game and show with his polyvalence, which is what the All-Star is mostly about.

Joel Embiid:

We really must take into account Philadelphia 76ers´ center this season, as he is averaging 29,3 points and 10,7 rebounds per game. We should not be surprised if he ends up being nominated for the MVP. The Cameroonian is leading a 76ers that are top in the East.

Giannis Antetokounmpo:

Last season´s MVP is not going through his best moment and is really struggling every time he goes to the line for free throws. Despite this, the Greek is always a player that gives a lot to a team and must be in an All-Star. His team lost last year, but he just did not make the right choices when selecting his teammates.

Conferencia oeste:

Stephen Curry:

The best triple shooter in history has recently passed Reggie Miller on number of scored three point shots. He is now second in this ranking, still far enough from Ray Allen. Curry is leading a Warriors that are struggling, specially after Thompson´s injury, which has diminished the team´s level. An All-Star without Curry´s triples couldn´t be celebrated.

Luka Dončić:

The Slovenian keeps shining on the court, but the Mavericks are not having a great year, as they are 13th in their conference. However, the shooting guard will count on the votes from Slovenia plus the ones from Spain, where people love him since he joined Real Madrid.

LeBron James:

The King is the third player with the most participations in the All-Star (16). This year will make up to 17, just one away from Kobe Bryant and two from the legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. LeBron will more than likely overcome his record in the next few years, there is still time for it. The stat he already leads is the scoring one, with 362 points.

Kawhi Leonard:

There is no doubt that the Clippers player is a star in the league. Their fans are seeing an improved team than last year, where they fell in the Playoffs and disappointed. Their chemistry has increased and that has been reflected in their performing level. This is also Paul George´s credit, who will probably be called up for this All-Star in the bench.

Nikola Jokić:

The Denver Nuggets center is a peaceful guy, a player that works out of the spotlights, which makes him charismatic. ‘The Joker’ is a giant and dominates under the ring. His passes and determination in the zone are his most characteristic abilities. Furthermore, he will count on lots of votes from his home country Servia.

Our teams:

ELXIIDEAL´s voting for the All-Star 2021´s teams
ELXIIDEAL´s voting for the All-Star 2021´s teams.

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